14 Facts About Roman Polanski

1. In 2004, Roman Polanski sued Vanity Fair magazine in London for libel.

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2. On 3 May 2018 Roman Polanski was removed from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, with the decision referencing the case.

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3. In late October 2014, Roman Polanski was questioned by prosecutors in Krakow.

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4. On 26 September 2009, Roman Polanski was arrested while in Switzerland at the request of United States authorities.

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5. In August 1996, Roman Polanski still owed her $604,416; court filings confirm that the settlement was completed by 1997 via a confidential financial arrangement.

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6. In 1989, Roman Polanski married French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, who is 33 years younger than he.

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7. In his autobiography, Roman Polanski described his brief time with Tate as the best years of his life.

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8. In a 2017 interview Roman Polanski discussed the difficulty of the project:.

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9. In 2001, Roman Polanski filmed The Pianist, an adaptation of the World War II autobiography of the same name by Polish-Jewish musician Władysław Szpilman.

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10. In 1981, Roman Polanski directed and co-starred in a stage production of Peter Shaffer's play Amadeus, first in Warsaw, then in Paris.

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11. In 1978, Roman Polanski became a fugitive from American justice and could no longer work in countries where he might face arrest or extradition.

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12. While in France, Roman Polanski contributed one segment to the French-produced omnibus film, Les plus belles escroqueries du monde (English title: The Beautiful Swindlers) in 1964.

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13. In the 1950s, Roman Polanski took up acting, appearing in Andrzej Wajda's Pokolenie and in the same year in Silik Sternfeld's Zaczarowany rower (Enchanted Bicycle or Magical Bicycle).

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14. In 1977, Roman Polanski was arrested and charged with drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl.

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