62 Facts About Amber Heard


Amber Laura Heard was born on April 22,1986 and is an American actress, humanitarian and social activist.


Amber Heard had her first leading role in the horror film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, and went on to star in films such as The Ward, Drive Angry, and London Fields.


Amber Heard has had supporting roles in films including Pineapple Express, Never Back Down, The Joneses, The Rum Diary, Paranoia, Machete Kills, Magic Mike XXL, and The Danish Girl.


Amber Heard has acted in television series such as Hidden Palms and The Stand.


In 2016, Amber Heard became a volunteer with the American Civil Liberties Union in the capacity of an ACLU Artist Ambassador, a role reserved for individuals who advocate for civil rights and civil liberties.


Amber Heard served as a Human Rights Ambassador for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Amber Heard married actor Johnny Depp in 2015 until their dissolution of the marriage in 2016.

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Amber Heard's father trained horses in his free time, and she grew up riding horses, hunting, and fishing with him.


Amber Heard participated in beauty pageants, although as an adult she has said that she could no longer "support the objectification".


Amber Heard eventually earned a diploma through a home-study course.


Amber Heard received her first leading role in the unconventional slasher film All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which premiered at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival, but was not released in Europe until 2008 and in the US until 2013 due to distribution problems.


In 2007, Amber Heard played the love interest of the main character in The CW's teen drama Hidden Palms, which the network aired to replace summer reruns of other series aimed at teenage audiences.


Amber Heard gained mainstream recognition in 2008 with supporting roles in the Judd Apatow-produced stoner comedy Pineapple Express and the martial arts drama Never Back Down, both of which were box office successes.


Amber Heard appeared as part of an ensemble cast in an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's novel The Informers, but the film was a critical failure.


In early 2011, Amber Heard appeared on the British television program Top Gear as a star in a reasonably priced car coming 33rd of 41 on their Cee'd leaderboard.


Amber Heard next starred in NBC's The Playboy Club, a crime drama series about the original Playboy Club in 1960s Chicago.


In 2011, Amber Heard appeared in an advertisement campaign for the fashion brand Guess.


Amber Heard next starred in the thriller Paranoia, the exploitation film Machete Kills and the satire Syrup, none of which were critical or commercial successes.


In 2014, Amber Heard appeared in a supporting role in the commercially successful action-thriller 3 Days to Kill.


In 2015, Amber Heard had a prominent supporting role in the comedy-drama Magic Mike XXL, playing the love interest of the film's protagonist, Channing Tatum.


Amber Heard had a small supporting role in Tom Hooper's period drama The Danish Girl, and a starring role opposite James Franco and Ed Harris in the independent crime thriller The Adderall Diaries.


IndieWire stated that although Amber Heard was "miscast" in The Adderrall Diaries, she "displays much potential and has succeeded in a bid to be taken more seriously".


The Los Angeles Times called her performance "superb" and The Film Stage stated that Amber Heard did an "admirable job".


Amber Heard played the female lead in London Fields, an adaptation of Martin Amis's novel about a clairvoyant femme fatale who knows she will be murdered.


Jane Mulkerrins of The Daily Telegraph wrote that Amber Heard provided "a decent enough turn as the enigmatic [Nicola Six]" that still could not save the adaptation, while Peter Sobczynski of RogerEbert.

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In 2017, Amber Heard appeared as part of an ensemble cast in Lake Bell's indie comedy I Do.


Amber Heard reprised the role the following year in Aquaman, which co-starred Jason Momoa and marked Heard's first major role in a studio film.


Amber Heard cited Mera's trait of being "a strong, independent, self-possessed superhero in her own right" as one of the reasons for her attraction to the role, who rejects being called Aquawoman instead of by her own name.


The Chicago Tribunes Michael Phillips and The Independents Geoffrey Macnab respectively noted that Amber Heard "lends a blase air of early '50s B-movie cheese" and that she "camps it up entertainingly" as Mera.


That same year, Amber Heard was appointed global ambassador for cosmetics brand L'Oreal Paris.


In 2019, Amber Heard had supporting roles in the independent dramas Her Smell and Gully.


Amber Heard played Nadine Cross, a school teacher who is among the few survivors of an apocalyptic plague.


In 2021, Amber Heard reprised her role as Mera in the superhero film Zack Snyder's Justice League, a director's cut of the 2017 film, for which she had filmed new scenes.


Amber Heard is set to star in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, a sequel to Aquaman.


The petition "alleges that Amber Heard lied about her accusations against Depp and is herself 'a known and proven domestic abuser'".


Amber Heard described the campaign as "paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media", and the film's co-producer, Peter Safran, confirmed that Amber Heard would appear in the sequel.


Amber Heard is attached to appear in Conor Allyn's forthcoming period drama, In the Fire.


In 2012, Amber Heard worked with Amnesty International on a bilingual campaign to raise awareness of American immigration policy at the Mexico-United States border.


In January 2021, the Daily Mail reported an allegation made by Depp's lawyers that Amber Heard had yet to complete her donations.


Amber Heard echoed similar sentiments in a letter addressed to "[her] silent sisters everywhere" and published in the December 2016 issue of Porter magazine.


Furthermore, Amber Heard talked about the importance of more gay men coming out in Hollywood because, she explained, this would go a long way towards making the industry more LGBTQ-inclusive.


Amber Heard henceforth partnered with SAMS to help raise needed funds to aid Weam and 12 other children in the camp with thalassemia afford the costs of their treatments and to raise awareness about SAMS' humanitarian medical activities in Jordan.


Amber Heard was one of the speakers at the United Nations's 9th Annual Social Good Summit in September 2018.


Amber Heard highlighted the centrality of humans and of human connections in human activities and passionately spoke about the significance of fairness and justice as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Ahead of the 70th anniversary for the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amber Heard gave a speech, in October 2018, for the HagueTalks event 'Imagine the World We Want'.

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In February 2019, Amber Heard joined SAMS on a medical mission to Lebanon targeting Syrian refugee women living in poverty and in need of medical care.


Amber Heard partnered with SAMS to help raise funds to establish psychosocial programs, to increase access to educational programs, and to provide vocational training, all to mostly widowed women and orphaned children in these settlements.


Amber Heard was a Human Rights Champion for the Stand Up for Human Rights campaign by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Amber Heard was in a relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree from 2008 to 2012.


Amber Heard had her last name legally changed to van Ree during the relationship and reverted to her birth name in 2014.


Amber Heard appeared the next day in King County District Court, Seattle but was not charged.


Amber Heard was one of the victims of the 2014 celebrity nude photo leak, in which "more than 50 of [her] personal photos were stolen and released to the public" with Amber Heard later both speaking and writing against such breaches of privacy.


Amber Heard later had a relationship with actress and cinematographer Bianca Butti from January 2020 to December 2021.


Amber Heard first met actor Johnny Depp in 2009 when she was cast in The Rum Diary opposite him.


Amber Heard nonetheless has every intention of staying away from Amber and will stipulate to mutual stay-away and personal conduct orders.


Amber Heard was a key witness for NGN during the highly publicized trial in July 2020.


The court rejected Depp's claim of a hoax, and accepted that the allegations Amber Heard had made against Depp had damaged her career and activism.


Depp alleged that Amber Heard had been the one who abused him, and that her allegations constituted a hoax against him.


The Depp-Amber Heard trial took place in Fairfax County, Virginia between April 11 and June 1,2022.


Amber Heard said she was "harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day" and described online criticism of her testimony as "agonizing".


An interviewer hypothesized that the jury had reviewed the evidence and had not believed Amber Heard's testimony and Amber Heard responded to this by questioning how the jury could have believed her by the time she got on the stand when they had already listened "to three-and-a-half weeks of testimony about how I was a non-credible person".


Amber Heard remain fully in place," and that the settlement would result in $1 million being paid to Depp by Amber Heard's insurer, which "Depp is pledging and will donate to charities.