101 Facts About Paul McCartney

1. Paul McCartney received an Academy Award nomination for his song "Live and Let Die", which was the theme song for the 1973 James Bond film of the same name.

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2. Sir Paul McCartney had a day off so he drove to meet up with Grohl.

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3. Paul McCartney said the song was about starting at the bottom and getting to the top, the fall of the Roman Empire and just decline in general.

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4. Paul McCartney took this as a challenge, so he immediately set forth to write a song that was louder, rawer and dirtier.

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5. Paul McCartney regarded the Beach Boy's "Pet Sounds" album as one of the greatest records ever made and recommended it to everyone he knew.

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6. Paul McCartney declared that he "doesn't really know" how to write songs.

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7. Paul McCartney said: "The only advice really is to do it.

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8. Paul McCartney seems to use him as a stand-in for increasingly irrelevant forces of authority.

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9. In 2014, Paul McCartney wrote and performed "Hope for the Future", the ending song for the video game Destiny.

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10. Paul McCartney received an Academy Award nomination for his song "Live and Let Die", which was the theme song for the 1973 James Bond film of the same name.

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11. Sir Paul McCartney played bass on a couple of the tracks of the 2017 album and sung backing vocals.

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12. In 2014, Paul McCartney wrote and performed "Hope for the Future", the ending song for the video game Destiny.

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13. Paul McCartney said that after he got off the plane, he went right to a bar to get a drink.

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14. In 1989, Paul McCartney played a solo concert to a crowd of 350,000-plus in Brazil.

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15. Paul McCartney officially played his first gig as a member of The Quarrymen on October 18, 1957.

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16. Paul McCartney received an Academy Award nomination for his song "Live and Let Die", which was the theme song for the 1973 James Bond film of the same name.

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17. Paul McCartney planned a two-night TV special to accompany the release of Get Back.

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18. Paul McCartney performing in 2018 during the Freshen Up tour.

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19. Paul McCartney has released sixty gold discs and has sold over 100 million singles.

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20. Paul McCartney  is one of the most successful musicians and composers in the history of pop music.

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21. Paul McCartney is a machine that shows no signs of slowing down.

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22. Paul McCartney is one of the most successful composers and performers of all time.

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23. Paul McCartney is one  the richest entertainers in the world with a stunning net worth of $1.2 billion.

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24. Paul McCartney wanted to shoot the ending in the Cavern Club [in Liverpool] and I wanted to shoot it in an amphitheater on the coast of Tunisia.

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25. Paul McCartney was appointed Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour in the 2017 Birthday Honours for services to music.

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26. Paul McCartney inducted Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2015, and played bass on his 2017 album Give More Love.

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27. Paul McCartney released "Here Today" in 1982, a song Everett described as "a haunting tribute" to McCartney's friendship with Lennon.

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28. Paul McCartney told Mojo magazine in 2002 that Lennon was his greatest hero.

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29. Paul McCartney used to take his glasses down, those granny glasses, and say, "it's only me.

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30. Paul McCartney looked so beautiful that I made up my mind I would have to pick him up.

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31. Paul McCartney often chose clothes and make-up for her, encouraging her to grow her hair out like Brigitte Bardot's, and at least once insisting she have it re-styled, to disappointing effect.

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32. Paul McCartney has appeared in the group's campaigns, and in 2009 McCartney narrated a video for them titled "Glass Walls", which was harshly critical of slaughterhouses, the meat industry, and their effect on animal welfare.

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33. Paul McCartney remains there as of 2012's Kisses on the Bottom.

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34. In 2001, Paul McCartney published Blackbird Singing, a volume of poems and lyrics to his songs for which he gave readings in Liverpool and New York City.

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35. In 1971, Paul McCartney bought the publishing rights to Holly's catalogue, and in 1976, on the fortieth anniversary of Holly's birth, McCartney inaugurated the annual "Buddy Holly Week" in England.

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36. Paul McCartney called Little Richard an idol, whose falsetto vocalisations inspired McCartney's own vocal technique.

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37. Paul McCartney referred to the finished product as "electronic symphonies".

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38. Paul McCartney played drums on the track "Sunday Rain" from the Foo Fighters' 2017 album Concrete and Gold.

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39. Paul McCartney continued experimenting with various musical and vocal styles throughout his post-Beatles career.

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40. Paul McCartney is known for his belting power, versatility and wide tenor vocal range, spanning over four octaves.

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41. Paul McCartney has primarily used a Gibson Les Paul for electric work, particularly during live performances.

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42. Paul McCartney played an Epiphone Texan on many of his acoustic recordings, but used a Martin D-28.

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43. Paul McCartney uses Mesa Boogie bass amplifiers while performing live.

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44. Paul McCartney changed back to the Hofner around 1990 for that reason.

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45. Paul McCartney was influenced by Brian Wilson, as he commented: "because he went to very unusual places".

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46. Paul McCartney was strongly influenced by Motown artists, in particular James Jamerson, whom McCartney called a hero for his melodic style.

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47. In 2014, Paul McCartney wrote and performed "Hope for the Future", the ending song for the video game Destiny.

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48. Paul McCartney contributed the song "Nova" to a tribute album of classical, choral music called A Garland for Linda, dedicated to his late wife.

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49. Paul McCartney recorded a radio series called Oobu Joobu in 1995 for the American network Westwood One, which he described as "widescreen radio".

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50. Paul McCartney composed and recorded the track in four days, with Phil Ramone co-producing.

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51. Paul McCartney filed a suit for the band's formal dissolution on 31 December 1970.

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52. Paul McCartney was in the midst of business disagreements with his bandmates when he announced his departure from the group on 10 April 1970.

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53. In October 1969, a rumour surfaced that Paul McCartney had died in a car crash in 1966 and been replaced by a lookalike, but this was quickly refuted when a November Life magazine cover featured him and his family, accompanied by the caption "Paul is still with us".

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54. Paul McCartney largely directed the film, which brought the group their first unfavourable critical response.

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55. Paul McCartney invented the fictional band of the album's title track.

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56. Paul McCartney received a nickel-plated trumpet from his father for his fourteenth birthday, but when rock and roll became popular on Radio Luxembourg, McCartney traded it for a £15 Framus Zenith acoustic guitar, since he wanted to be able to sing while playing.

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57. Paul McCartney kept an upright piano in the front room, encouraged his sons to be musical and advised McCartney to take piano lessons.

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58. On 31 October 1956, when Paul McCartney was 14, his mother died of an embolism.

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59. Paul McCartney has married three times and is the father of five children.

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60. Paul McCartney has said that he wrote over 300 songs with his John Lennon and the immense influence their friendship had on McCartney is evident on two new unreleased versions of the Lennon-inspired track 'Dear Friend'.

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61. Paul McCartney had some ideas about experimenting with musique concrete, Harrison had discovered Indian music, John Lennon had discovered Yoko Ono.

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62. Paul McCartney is returning to Liverpool this year for his first UK live tour in three years.

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63. Paul McCartney is tied with Lionel Richie for the most noms in the history of this category.

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64. Paul McCartney finally reacted this morning to the controversial declarations made last Wednesday by his former bandmate, Ringo Starr, during an interview with the Hollywood Inquirer.

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65. Paul McCartney wanted to do it in the Coliseum in Rome.

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66. Paul McCartney launched his new band, Wings, with a party at the Empire Ballroom in London on November 8, 1971.

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67. Paul McCartney was right—cannabis WILL make the world a better place thanks to its medical uses.

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68. Sir Paul McCartney has announced a contest in support of his non-profit Meat Free Monday campaign in partnership with Omaze.

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69. Paul McCartney channels his best sumo at inspired Tokyo concert.

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70. Paul McCartney was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as a member of the Beatles and again as a solo artist in 1999.

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71. Paul McCartney inducted Starr into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April 2015, and plays bass on his 2017 album Give More Love.

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72. Paul McCartney played bass on "Peace Dream", and sang a duet with Starr on "Walk with You".

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73. Paul McCartney played a kazoo solo on another track from the album "You're Sixteen".

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74. In 1983, Paul McCartney said, "I would not have been as typically human and standoffish as I was if I knew John was going to die.

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75. Paul McCartney was leaving an Oxford Street recording studio that evening when he was surrounded by reporters who asked him for his reaction; he responded: "It's a drag".

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76. In 2002, Paul McCartney married Heather Mills, a former model and anti-landmines campaigner.

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77. Paul McCartney has publicly professed support for Everton, and shown favour for Liverpool.

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78. In 2009, Paul McCartney wrote to Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, asking him why he was not a vegetarian.

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79. Paul McCartney is a supporter of the animal-rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

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80. In 1984, while Paul McCartney was on holiday in Barbados, authorities arrested him for possession of marijuana and fined him $200.

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81. Paul McCartney acquired their publishing rights from Ardmore in the mid-1980s, and they are the only two Beatles songs owned by MPL Communications.

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82. Paul McCartney receives writers' royalties which together are 33⅓ percent of total commercial proceeds in the US, and which vary elsewhere between 50 and 55 percent.

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83. Paul McCartney has criticised Jackson's purchase and handling of Northern Songs over the years.

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84. In 2007, Paul McCartney signed with Hear Music, becoming the label's first artist.

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85. Paul McCartney signed his first recording contract, as a member of the Beatles, with Parlophone Records, an EMI subsidiary, in June 1962.

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86. Paul McCartney produced and hosted The Real Buddy Holly Story, a 1985 documentary featuring interviews with Keith Richards, Phil and Don Everly, the Holly family, and others.

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87. Paul McCartney is lead patron of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, a school in the building formerly occupied by the Liverpool Institute for Boys.

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88. Paul McCartney said, "I've been offered an exhibition of my paintings at the Walker Art Gallery.

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89. Paul McCartney took up painting in 1983, and he first exhibited his work in Siegen, Germany, in 1999.

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90. Paul McCartney became interested in painting after watching artist Willem de Kooning work in de Kooning's Long Island studio.

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91. Paul McCartney became involved in the renovation and publicising of the Indica Gallery in Mason's Yard, London, which Barry Miles had co-founded and where Lennon first met Yoko Ono.

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92. Paul McCartney said he wrote "I'm Down" as a vehicle for his Little Richard impersonation.

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93. Over the years, Paul McCartney has been named a significant vocal influence by a number of renowned artists, including Chris Cornell, Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Brad Delp and Axl Rose.

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94. Paul McCartney said of the instrument, "if I had to pick one electric guitar it would be this.

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95. On 20 June 2018, Paul McCartney released two songs, "I Don't Know" and "Come On to Me", from his album Egypt Station, which was released on 7 September through Capitol Records.

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96. Paul McCartney appeared in the adventure film Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which was released in 2017.

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97. Paul McCartney shared lead vocals on the Alice Cooper-led Hollywood Vampires supergroup's cover of his song "Come and Get It" which appears on their debut album, released 11 September 2015.

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98. Paul McCartney is a featured guest on West's 2015 single "All Day", which features Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom.

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99. In 2014, Paul McCartney wrote and performed "Hope for the Future", the ending song for the video game Destiny.

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100. On 14 August 2014, Paul McCartney performed the final concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California before its demolition.

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101. On 28 August 2013, Paul McCartney released the title track of his upcoming studio album New, which came out in October 2013.

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