36 Facts About Layla Miller


Layla Miller is first seen as a young mutant girl who lives in Hell's Kitchen in New York City.

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Layla Miller was instrumental in bringing down the "House of M" by using her ability to restore the memories of superheroes who rebelled and helped restore reality.

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However, Layla Miller was shown to have fabricated a large portion of her experiences at the orphanage in order to facilitate her entry into X-Factor Investigations; the extent of what really occurred is unknown.

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Layla Miller has taken steps to deal with Singularity Investigations, a rival investigations firm.

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Layla Miller reveals to Callisto and Marrow that it was he and Wanda Maximoff who caused the Decimation; the government did not depower them, and Pietro has lied.

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Layla Miller goes with one of Jamie's dupes to investigate an alternate future caused by the birth of the mutant messiah.

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Layla Miller finds a way back into the past but is much older than she was before.

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Layla Miller pretends to be a nun and works with John Maddox, a duplicate who settled down to raise a family.

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Layla Miller stops him and reveals who she really is, much to his shock.

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Layla Miller reveals herself to be a holographic projection and takes Jamie into the alternate future.

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Jamie is awkward about starting a relationship with Layla Miller, feeling she is still a child, though Layla Miller tells him she never really was.

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Layla Miller reveals that her ability isn't to "know stuff" but to bring back the dead.

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Layla Miller ends up at the orphanage she lived at before M-Day and, after talking with her younger self, she sets forth the motions that lead her to joining X-Factor by downloading all her knowledge into her younger version's brain, which causes her to pass out and give her the ability to "know stuff".

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Layla Miller then gets up and walks away, contemplating what she did to herself.

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Layla Miller cryptically tells Guido she'll find a way to get his soul back.

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Madrox has figured out that Layla Miller has brought Guido back from death at the cost of his soul.

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Shatterstar and Layla Miller have a cryptic conversation about what happened between them during their time together at Doctor Doom's castle in Latveria.

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Layla Miller is later sitting in the morgue for days isolating herself from her teammates.

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Layla Miller has kept Jamie in a cooler of dry ice, and had a third year med student make repairs on the cadaver.

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Layla Miller thought she could just ignore it but by reviving Guido it was Jamie who paid the price.

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Layla Miller tells Wolverine that the reason she is even cryptically telling him this is because like him, she knows in her heart she really is alone in the crowd just like Wolverine.

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Layla Miller uses the telescope as an example of her not knowing every event as the events get closer and then blackout.

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Layla Miller then tells Monet that Guido was supposed to have died and not Jamie.

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Layla Miller wanted to spare Monet, who according to Layla will eventually become her best friend the pain.

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Layla Miller has a hand in being responsible for Terry becoming a true Banshee deity, and leaving the team.

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Layla Miller has the mutant power to resurrect someone from death, at the cost of their soul.

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Layla Miller's knowledge is later revealed to be the result of her older self visiting herself as a child prior to the events of X-Factor vol.

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Layla Miller's foreknowledge is heavily dependent on what her future self experienced and read from her younger self's journals, and thus she does not know what effects straying from this source might have.

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Layla Miller has above normal scientific knowledge and advanced weaponry due to her partnership with and tutelage under Dr Doom.

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One such device that Layla Miller now regularly employs is a power gauntlet capable of various effects such as force fields, giant saws, and energy blasts.

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Additionally, her time with Dr Doom has imparted on her a basic knowledge of magic and mysticism, and Layla Miller has been shown to be capable of performing exorcisms and the working of basic spells.

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Layla Miller had the ability to "awaken" heroes and allow them to remember their lives before the reality warp.

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Layla Miller has not exhibited any of these abilities since the House of M storyline.

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In Ultimate Mystery, Dr Layla Miller is a member of the Roxxon Brain Trust.

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Layla Miller is in the middle of a meeting when she is made aware that Alex Summers is in the Roxxon building.

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Layla Miller is responsible for giving powers to Cloak and Dagger.

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