50 Facts About Shatterstar


Shatterstar is a fictional mutant superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Shatterstar later became an employee of X-Factor Investigations, a private detective firm starring in the series X-Factor.

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Shatterstar is an unusual character among Marvel's mutant superheroes in X-Men books in that, although a human mutant, he was raised in an alternate dimension known as Mojoworld with no knowledge of his origins.

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Shatterstar made his live-action debut in the 2018 film Deadpool 2, with the real name of Rusty, and portrayed by actor Lewis Tan, who will reprise the role in the 2024 film Deadpool 3, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Shatterstar comes from the planet Mojoworld, which is ruled by the alien tyrant Mojo.

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Shatterstar was genetically engineered to have enhanced physical capabilities so he could serve as an arena gladiator.

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Shatterstar learned the arts of battle as a warrior in arenas on Mojoworld, where he participated in combats staged for Mojo's television programs.

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Shatterstar developed a strong sense of honor and pride as a warrior, to combat the constant violence and death in his life.

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Shatterstar was either teleported or traveled back in time to Earth at the point just before Cable reorganized the New Mutants into X-Force.

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Later Shatterstar discovered, to his bewilderment, that he had the memories of an Earthling named Benjamin Russell.

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However, this does not explain why Shatterstar had some of Benjamin Russell's memories before they merged, or why they looked so much alike.

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Dazzler revealed that she was pregnant with Longshot's child and Longshot suggested the name "Shatterstar" for the unborn child.

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Shatterstar accompanied Rictor to the Richter home in Mexico to try to end Rictor's family's arms-dealing business.

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Shatterstar is later seen in Madripoor, earning his money by fighting in arenas.

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Shatterstar was sought out by Spiral, who had one of her agents make Shatterstar believe she wanted to kill him.

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Shatterstar was found by that Earth's rebel forces, including Cable and some other members he knew from X-Force.

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Shatterstar agreed, but first Cable wanted him to train with the monks on Mount Xixabangma.

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Shatterstar is broken out of his trance-like state when Cortex's control over him is interrupted.

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Rictor and the audience learn that Shatterstar is the only Mojoworld rebel who was not created by Arize the Creator, as he mysteriously appeared from the sky one day.

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Shatterstar is part of the New Tian residents, along with Rictor and many other mutants.

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Newly single, Shatterstar bought a property using the earnings he had made and named it Manor Crossing.

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Shatterstar offered the rooms to multi-dimensional refugees like himself and served as both landlord and protector to his tenants.

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When Shatterstar's tenants were kidnapped by the Mojoworld mercenary group the Death Sponsors and their leader, former ally Gringrave, Shatterstar vowed to bring them home.

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Shatterstar was then rescued by Rictor, who reached out across the universe to find him and bring him home.

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Shatterstar was shocked when his former mentor Cable was slain while attempting to protect the time-displaced Iceman.

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When it was revealed that a younger version of Cable was responsible, Shatterstar partnered with his former X-Force teammates to hunt down Kid Cable and have him answer for his crime.

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Shatterstar was subdued by Cannonball and freed of Ahab's influence.

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Shatterstar was of the many mutants that joined the mutant nation of Krakoa upon its creation.

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Shatterstar was seen alongside many other Krakoans grieving Charles Xavier's death at the hands of anti-mutant super-human criminals that had infiltrated Krakoa and killed many of its residents, including Xavier.

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At some point, Shatterstar returned to Mojoworld, becoming the dimension's most subscribed and top-ranked live-streamer.

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However, Shatterstar began to feel trapped by the celebrity status he had created for himself.

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When fellow live-streamer Wind Dancer arranged for her own death to satisfy her fans, Shatterstar secretly informed the Krakoan X-Factor team of her death so they could claim Wind Dancer's body before Arize could produce a clone and force her to resume her stream.

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Shatterstar was then rewarded with memories of his past, which lead to him seeking Rictor out during the Hellfire Gala, after which they sat on the coastline of the newly created Braddock Isle and caught up with one another.

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Rictor and Shatterstar were among the eight mutants Roma was able to bring back to Otherworld, while there they found former Excalibur member Kylun and shortly afterward Mordred, returned to a young age facing Arthur's forces.

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Shatterstar presented himself to the team and asked for asylum.

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Shatterstar possesses an overall superhuman level of physical and mental attributes, as a result of the extra-dimensional genetic engineering that created him.

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Shatterstar's strength allows him to wield a heavy barbell as easy as a bo and slam the Thing of the Fantastic Four through a window of the Baxter Building.

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Shatterstar is an excellent military strategist and has had extensive training in many forms of the martial arts and interpersonal combat of Mojoworld; in particular, he is a master swordsman.

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Shatterstar's bones are hollow, making him far lighter than he looks and further increasing his athletic and acrobatic skills.

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Shatterstar has enhanced learning capabilities, being able to quickly learn and master languages and technology.

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Shatterstar customarily wields two single-edged swords with spiked hand-guards and on occasion carries other weaponry as well.

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Shatterstar is able to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue much faster than an ordinary human.

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Shatterstar has been mentioned as having a lack of white blood cells, and DNA identical to his former teammate and father, Longshot.

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Shatterstar requires a minimum of three to four hours to recharge between portal creation and since it requires his own energies.

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X-Force writer Jeph Loeb hinted that Shatterstar had romantic feelings for Rictor and was planning on making the two a couple, but he left the title before he could make this happen.

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Shatterstar would have figured, this is my best friend, I care about him, he cares about me, we spend time together, fight together, laugh together – I guess I must be in love with him.

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Spineless Ones were searching for X-Force in hopes of helping them to liberate their planet, this time from Shatterstar, who had since taken over as ruler and oppressed the Spineless Ones.

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X-Force joined the fray, and when Shatterstar realized the error of his ways, his second-in-command, the Scheduler, betrayed him.

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Shatterstar appears in the live-action film Deadpool 2, portrayed by Lewis Tan.

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Shatterstar appears as an unlockable playable character in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

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