23 Facts About Sharon Carter


Sharon Carter is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Sharon Carter's was later retconned as Peggy's grand-niece because of the unaging nature of comic book characters.

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Sharon Carter's grew up with the stories of her aunt who was a freedom fighter with the French Resistance during World War II.

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Sharon Carter is not dead, but has been left behind in enemy territory, a captive of the dictator Tap-Kwai.

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Sharon Carter tries and fails to kill the Red Skull, but he is soon defeated through trickery.

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Sharon Carter is still under the influence of Doctor Faustus, who uses her to disable Black Widow and Falcon before she joins the Red Skull's organization as a minion.

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Sharon Carter's is apparently pregnant with Rogers's child, but she loses the baby during a fight with the Red Skull's daughter, Sin, during one of several attempts to escape.

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Later, Sharon Carter says that she, not Sin, stabbed her womb and caused the miscarriage, to keep the Red Skull from getting his hands on anything of hers.

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Sharon Carter frees herself, killing Aleksander Lukin in the process, before being found by Black Widow and the Falcon.

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Sharon Carter is featured in the storyline Captain America: Reborn, where she learns that she killed Captain America and plans to figure out a way to revive him.

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Sharon Carter's is brought to Latveria, where she is attached to a machine to bring Rogers back, but with the Red Skull controlling his body.

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Mr Fantastic determines that Sharon Carter has chronal tracers in her blood meant to pull Steve to her.

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Sharon Carter's surrenders to Norman Osborn in order to save the life of Bucky, and she is delivered to the Red Skull and Dr Doom, who use her to retrieve Steve, with the Skull's mind in control.

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Sharon Carter was a member of an Avengers team, and the Secret Avengers, in Ed Brubaker's series of the same name.

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Sharon Carter appeared to sacrifice herself to stop Arnim Zola's massive flying fortress from invading Earth but she is alive in Zola's captivity and she is found by Falcon and Jet Black.

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Sharon Carter pretends to be brainwashed by Doctor Faustus, but incapacitates him by spiking his tea with a non-lethal toxin.

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Sharon Carter is a highly trained martial artist and extremely adept at various fighting techniques.

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Sharon Carter's is highly trained in espionage, weapons, firearms and computers.

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Sharon Carter is introduced into the Marvel Mangaverse continuity as the supposed orchestrator of the destruction of almost the entire superhuman population in the Marvel Mangaverse.

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Sharon Carter is seen next in the Silver Sable arc and Woo in the Hobgoblin arc.

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Sharon Carter is later involved with the Clone Saga arc, telling the people evacuated from Peter Parker's neighborhood that all is well, and Agent Woo is later seen in the Death of a Goblin arc, letting Carol Danvers know about the Goblin's most recent murder.

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Sharon Carter's asks the Fantastic Four to investigate a confusing situation at Project Pegasus.

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Sharon Carter appeared in the animated series The Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Peg Dixon.

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