17 Facts About Stuart Gordon


Stuart Alan Gordon was an American filmmaker, theatre director, screenwriter, and playwright.


Stuart Gordon turned to the work of Edgar Allan Poe on two occasions, directing The Pit and the Pendulum in 1991 and The Black Cat for the Masters of Horror series in 2007.


Stuart Alan Gordon was born on August 11,1947 in Chicago, Illinois, the son of Rosalie, a high school English teacher, and Bernard Gordon, a cosmetics factory supervisor.


Stuart Gordon then formed Screw Theater in the summer of 1968 and produced and directed four shows, the final one, in the fall of 1968, a political version of Peter Pan that got him and his future wife arrested for obscenity.


Later that year, with his wife Carolyn Purdy-Stuart Gordon, he relocated to Chicago and founded the Organic Theater Company, for which Stuart Gordon served as artistic director.


The initial production of Warp, co-written by Stuart Gordon, was such a huge hit for Organic that it briefly made it to Broadway, where it proved to be little understood.


In 2011 Stuart Gordon produced, directed and co-wrote the book for Re-Animator: The Musical.

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In 1977, Stuart Gordon adapted Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan for the Organic with the input and approval of Vonnegut himself.


Stuart Gordon started his film career making horror films for Empire Pictures.


Stuart Gordon co-wrote Body Snatchers for Warner Brothers in 1993 and The Dentist for Trimark in 1996.


Stuart Gordon produced, co-wrote and directed the science fiction comedy Space Truckers starring Dennis Hopper in 1996.


Stuart Gordon produced and directed The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit written by Ray Bradbury in 1998.


Stuart Gordon directed "Eater", an episode of Fear Itself, for NBC in 2008.


Stuart Gordon married Carolyn Purdy in 1968, and often cast her in his films, usually as ill-fated characters.


Stuart Gordon was father of three daughters, Suzanna, Jillian, and Margaret.


Stuart Gordon spent the latter half of his life in Los Angeles, residing in Valley Glen.


Stuart Gordon died in Van Nuys, Los Angeles on March 24,2020, of multiple organ failure, aged 72.