91 Facts About Anelle


Anelle was revealed to be Nightcrawler's half-brother, as both were sons of Azazel.

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Anelle's body is actually a portal to the same dimension that Nightcrawler temporarily enters when he teleports, later dubbed the "Brimstone Dimension".

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Anelle is able to drain the lifeforce of the captives he holds in his form and can deposit them in this dimension permanently, but it is unknown if anything can survive there.

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Anelle has limited psionic empathy, able to feel the emotions of people contained within him and those in his immediate vicinity.

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Anelle is composed of living gas and is invulnerable to harm.

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Anelle has the ability to suggest ideas and manipulate certain beings into acting the way she wants.

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Anelle was one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, a nihilist with a warped sense of humor.

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Anelle joined them in their attack against refugees escaping from North America and was defeated by Quicksilver and Storm.

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Anelle took in orphaned children and trained them inside a Nicaraguan temple to be the host of the Ghost Rider.

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Anelle then demanded that Alejandra remove the sins of the students, but she refused, so instead he turned her powers into a bomb that after it went off turned everyone in the range into mindless shells of what they once were, except Johnny who had been informed by Mephisto about Adam's plans.

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Anelle turned up alive and ordered Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance to bring Alejandra to him, but failed again.

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Anelle possesses immortality as he didn't age through the countless years since his creation and was able to survive an explosion and reentering the atmosphere, can enhance the powers of other beings and had shown to be able to teleport.

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Anelle is a member of the Proemial Gods and an ally of fellow member, Tenebrous.

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Anelle creates a costumed identity and begins calling himself Aegis.

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Anelle decides to use his newfound abilities to protect his neighborhood from gangs and criminals, becoming a hero to the kids in Brooklyn.

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Anelle later helps the New Warriors defeat Blastaar and joins the group.

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Anelle later appears in Erebus, a casino where souls try to win a chance at resurrection.

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Anelle helps Hercules save Zeus from his imprisonment by Hades and accompanies Amadeus Cho to the Elysian Fields.

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Anelle was born immortal, and though he never physically aged beyond the age of 16, the Pantheon members are all his descendants: Achilles, Ajax, Andromeda, Atalanta, Cassiopea, Delphi, Hector, Jason, Paris, Perseus, Prometheus, and two characters named Ulysses.

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Anelle recruited the Pantheon, stationed in the Nevada desert based headquarters called The Mount.

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Anelle is a master in analyzing and forecasting the future development of social structures, as well as a master battle strategist and an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

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Anelle has access to the highly advanced technology produced by the Pantheon scientists and craftsmen.

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Anelle was a member of the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC during the Stone Age.

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Anelle attempted to reach the island during a storm exacerbated by an attack by Siena Blaze, and nearly died.

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Anelle was rescued and brought ashore by Phoenix, Rachel Summers.

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Anelle left Excalibur to work with Alistair Stuart at the department as a mutant liaison officer.

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Anelle reprogrammed the Master Mold of her future, causing the Sentinels to preserve all life, even Ahab's.

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Anelle had the control of Rachel now known as "Prestige" back in his grasp.

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Anelle got to Transia where it was revealed he was attacked and wounded badly, so he got help from their government.

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Anelle has the mentality of a young child, making him sometimes difficult to control.

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Anelle challenged the new leader of the Troll Associates, Phough, to single combat, while Excalibur and the X-Men freed themselves.

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Anelle was able to successfully transmute one of the clouds, but succumbed to Terrigen poisoning immediately afterwards.

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Anelle's form is that of an amorphous, blob-like creature, able to engulf and smother others.

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Anelle was first adapted into a Marvel character in Marvel's adapted comic of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan.

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Anelle is an enemy of Tarzan and Wolverine in the Marvel Universe.

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Anelle is different from Ultron; she desired to kill all humans individually rather than en masse like Ultron.

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Anelle first went up against the Avengers shortly after being constructed, when she attacked a weapons center.

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Anelle was the central figure of Kickers, Inc, and when that title was discontinued he became a supporting character in other New Universe titles.

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Anelle was joined in this project by his wife Darlene and several of his teammates.

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Anelle is given the rank of Captain and a costume reminiscent of Captain America without the mask, and placed in charge of one of the units of paranormals who were recruited during the paranormal draft.

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Anelle takes part in the mission to South Africa that almost set off a paranormal and nuclear war.

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Anelle is a skilled pilot and uses a variety of automatic weapons, preferably guns.

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Anelle is the wife of Nergal, a member of Satan's Infernal Court.

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Anelle was being trained by Peter Parker's superheroic alter-ego Spider-Man.

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Anelle used Terminus' energy lance to deflect Alpha's energy to build an engine which took a huge portion of Andy's power.

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Anelle then tells Alpha to not prevent any of Cohen's crimes, or he'll release the information to the media.

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Anelle's powers are not without limits and are presumably weaker than those of the Stranger.

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Anelle later appeared in the episode "Beyond Good and Evil" Pt.

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Anelle is an archaeologist, adviser, helper, and Moon Knight's lover.

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Anelle is among the residents that were temporarily de-aged during the Incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610.

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Anelle is not above executing the criminals he thinks deserve said fate.

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Anelle sometimes takes money from the drug-trafficking criminals he battles, keeping half and donating the rest to drug rehabilitation programs.

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Anelle finally reaches breaking point when the Golden Archer admits to using the team's Behavior Modification technology on squadmate Lark to make her love him.

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Anelle is saved from hostile tribesmen by Magneto, and changed into a humanoid frog-like mutate, becoming one of the Savage Land Mutates.

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Anelle is one of sixteen teenagers kidnapped by Arcade and forced to fight to the death.

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Anelle has generally been associated with the Serpent Society, often as foes of Captain America.

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Anelle later became a core member of Sidewinder's Serpent Squad and remained a member when they became the Serpent Society.

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Anelle's temple was then used by Peter Parker to defeat the totemic wasp entity, Shathra and was then used as a battle arena, when Peter and Ezekiel started fighting to appease totemic entity, the Gatekeeper.

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Anelle is a Skrull princess, the heir to the Skrull Empire, and the daughter of Emperor Dorrek VII and Empress R'Kill.

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Anelle often opposed her father Dorrek VII's policies, preferring peace to his aggressive military policies.

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Anelle falls in love with Warlord Morrat, but he is executed for treason by firing squad after a failed coup d'etat against Emperor Dorrek VII.

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The emperor orders the baby put to death as soon as he realizes who the father is, but Anelle has her nurse smuggle the child off-world and he ends up on Earth with the nurse raising him.

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Anelle becomes an assassin and tries to kill Daredevil and Black Widow.

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Anelle later enters a relationship with similarly powered Screaming Mimi.

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Anelle manages to restore himself and goes on a rampage until Songbird disperses him for good.

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Anelle is a criminal genius and a former member of the Kingpin's criminal organization.

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Anelle is a former hitman in the Las Vegas division of HYDRA and was empowered by the laboratory machines of Dr Farley Stillwell's brother Dr Harlan Stillwell where he became the Answer.

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Anelle then kidnapped Dagger in hopes that her powers would cure the Kingpin's ailing wife.

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Anelle later appears in the Raft where he escapes but is captured by Toxin.

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Anelle helps them fight the New Avengers but is taken down by Doctor Strange.

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Anelle appeared in Brand New Day as one of the villains in the bar confronting Spider-Man.

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Anelle is one of many prisoners who escaped from the Raft at the start of the Secret Invasion.

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Anelle later joins the Hood's crime syndicate and works with them on numerous occasions.

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Anelle was the former ally of the Crimson Dynamo and the brother of Connie.

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Anelle later uses drugs to control Nick Fury, at which point he had allied himself with the Crimson Dynamo in attempt to steal missiles from Khamistan to take over the world.

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Anelle was present when Hobgoblin led his forces into battle against the Goblin King's Goblin Nation.

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Anelle arranged the ambush in which the android Zodiac killed all of the remaining human Zodiac leaders except Cornelius van Lunt, alias Taurus.

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Anelle was destroyed by Hawkeye in a battle with the West Coast Avengers.

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Anelle was originally an enemy of the Golden Age Angel but had run-ins with Captain America as well as the WW II-era Black Panther.

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Anelle is one of the victims of the Circle of Eight and is found dead alongside Lady Octopus.

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Anelle observed Captain Mar-Vell and Rick Jones battling Mad-Eye, and then attended the trial of Uatu.

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Anelle set Dragon Man against She-Hulk and She-Thing, and obtained cell samples from the Thing and She-Thing.

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Anelle replaced the real Fantastic Four with his clones, and set them against the Mole Man.

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Anelle even collaborated with Dark Raider to further his goals.

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Anelle has the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for various effects, including the ability to convert his body into energy for travel through hyperspace, and projection of cosmic energy as concussive force, molecular manipulation of matter, inter-dimensional teleportation, creation of force fields, levitation, size transformations, alteration of his physical appearance, and enhancement of his physical attributes.

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Anelle possesses virtual immortality, bolstered by treatment with "delta-rays".

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Anelle has developed his vast psionic powers through training, and his powers include telepathy, illusion-casting, and energy-manipulation powers.

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Anelle compels Karnak, Gorgon, and Triton to covertly join the Imperial Guard, while Black Bolt and Medusa attempt the assassination of the Shi'ar ruler Lilandra at a ceremony ratifying an alliance between the Shi'ar and the Spartoi.

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Anelle is one of Magneto's first recruits from his original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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Anelle compares himself to a shepherd defending his flock, which he will one day eat.

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Anelle's people made up one fourth of the Universal Inhumans who responded to Earth's moon when searching for Black Bolt, the Midnight King of prophesy.

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