67 Facts About She-Hulk


She-Hulk's-Hulk is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk was created by Stan Lee, who wrote only the first issue, and was the last character he created for Marvel Comics, until his return to comics with Ravage 2099 in 1992.

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All but the first issue of The Savage She-Hulk were written by David Anthony Kraft and penciled by Mike Vosburg, and most issues were inked by Frank Springer.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk appeared in the limited series, Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions, in which numerous superheroes are kidnapped from Earth to fight in space.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk regained a solo series in 1989, The Sensational She-Hulk's-Hulk.

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Byrne's She-Hulk stories satirized comic books and introduced She-Hulk's awareness that she is a comic book character.

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In May 2004, She-Hulk was given a new title and launched in a wave of six new Marvel books.

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Mantle of She-Hulk is challenged by Lyra, the daughter of Hulk and Thundra, who is the lead character in All-New Savage She-Hulk, a miniseries written by Fred Van Lente.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk appeared in FF by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred, which debuted in November 2012.

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An ongoing She-Hulk series, written by Charles Soule and drawn by Javier Pulido, debuted in 2014.

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Since May 2015, She-Hulk has appeared as one of the main characters in A-Force, an all-female Avengers spin-off being launched by G Willow Wilson, Marguerite Bennett, and Jorge Molina during Marvel's Secret Wars crossover.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk starred in the comic titled Hulk beginning December 2016.

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She-Hulk's appeared colored grey, similar to Hulk's "Joe Fixit" persona, and there were great differences in tone from her previous lighthearted adventures.

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In 2022, She-Hulk returned as an ongoing series by writer Rainbow Rowell and artist Roge Antonio.

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She-Hulk's then used her new powers to take down Trask, who was killed when the earth-boring device he rode malfunctioned, taking him to the center of the Earth.

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She-Hulk's became hypnotized by the Ringmaster into becoming a performer in the Circus of Crime, and battled the Headmen.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk registered under the Superhuman Registration Act, and is a supporter of Tony Stark.

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She-Hulk's agreed to file suit against Peter Parker for fraud on behalf of her father-in-law, Daily Bugle publisher J Jonah Jameson.

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She-Hulk's is the lawyer for Speedball in Civil War: Front Line.

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She-Hulk's serves with the Hulkbusters: Clay Quartermain, Agent Crimson, Agent Cheesecake and Agent Beefcake.

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Jennifer informs Stark that he's miscalculated: She-Hulk would have just pummeled him, but Jennifer Walters has the ability to destroy him.

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She-Hulk's tries to reason with her cousin, who has just destroyed Stark Tower during his battle with Iron Man.

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She-Hulk's is subpoenaed to give a testimony in a case in which Mallory Book is trying to prove that the Leader's criminal acts are the result of a shift of personality induced by his mutation, and an addiction to his gamma irradiated powers, and that he thus cannot be held accountable for his actions.

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She-Hulk's confronts Mallory the next day and tells her that she will put a stop to her Leader case.

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She-Hulk's later helps to prevent casualties in San Francisco after the Red Hulk caused an earthquake in the area, and assembles Thundra and the Valkyrie together to capture him.

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She-Hulk's attacked him and threatened to kill him if he was not given the death penalty.

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She-Hulk's told everybody within earshot that he was guilty and backed up her accusation by revealing privileged information.

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She-Hulk's was later recruited by Stark as a member of an Initiative-sponsored incarnation of the Defenders for a short while until Tony Stark disbanded the team.

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The Skrull religious leader wants to completely remove her regenerative ability, but Kl'rt stops him after She-Hulk pleads to his fatherly nature, tapping into his guilt for not being able to save his son who had died in a previous war.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk tries to keep up the denial, but when she sees Jazinda about to be vivisected, she loses control and breaks Jazinda out.

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She-Hulk's informs him that she is unable to as she has asked too many questions to the wrong people.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk is on the team as they manage to successfully avert disaster.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk explains to her afterwards that they have to leave and that despite being heroes, the life of a Hulk is often lonely.

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When She-Hulk angrily demanded to know the verdict of Hawkeye's trial, Captain Marvel remained silent.

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She-Hulk's defeated the Fear Golem and prevented Maise from committing suicide when Maise was arrested for reckless endangerment afterwards.

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She-Hulk's is capable of absorbing great amounts of energy, and used this ability to absorb the uncontrolled energy of the new Starbrand.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk received a power upgrade from Eson, the Celestial, and became more powerful than ever before, far surpassing Captain Marvel and other characters in strength.

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She-Hulk's-Hulkr enhanced physiology renders her immune to all terrestrial diseases.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk possesses a healing factor, which enabled her to completely recover, within minutes, from a skewering by the Wendigo.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk is described as a living gamma bomb and is capable of accidentally causing huge explosions, "beyond what even Hulk can produce".

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She-Hulk's described herself as an Omega level threat, and claimed that the Starbrand is "one of Earth's inherent defense systems - sorta like me".

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She-Hulk's-Hulk is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by Captain America and Gamora.

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She-Hulk's once displayed sufficient knowledge of acupressure to render the Abomination insensate by striking several nerve clusters after first using psychology to distract him.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk is a skilled and experienced attorney who attended the UCLA School of Law, where she was a member of the Order of the Coif, a national merit society for top legal scholars.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk had performed legal work as a member of the Magistrati, who had the power to compel her to adjudicate cases anywhere in creation.

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She-Hulk's ceased to operate in this function after successfully adjudicating the merits of her own universe to continue existing before the Living Tribunal.

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She-Hulk's is a skilled pilot and has previously used a modified 1995 Dodge automobile equipped with technology enabling flight in Earth's atmosphere and in outer space for limited distances, although it is incapable of interstellar flight.

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She-Hulk's has stated that she does not want to kill her foes, especially ones which she has already subdued.

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She-Hulk's has started and led her own disaster relief organization, and felt great remorse for almost destroying a small town, whereupon she helped construction workers to rebuild it.

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The ideal She-Hulk story is one that plays on both aspects of her make-up, the intelligence combined with her strength.

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She-Hulk's sometimes engaged in arguments with the writer, or appealed to the comic's editor, Renee Witterstaetter.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk was briefly engaged to the younger Wyatt Wingfoot, whom she first met during her tenure with the Fantastic Four.

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She-Hulk's let her guard down with Wyatt, expressing her vulnerabilities as Wyatt supported her during a series of traumatic events.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk was married to John Jameson, whom she first met while he was the Man-Wolf in a Microverse adventure in The Savage She-Hulk's-Hulk.

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Pug correctly deduced that both the suddenness of She-Hulk's strengthened feelings for Jameson, as well as the pair's marriage, were the result of manipulation by Starfox.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk had a date with Power Man while both were on the Heroes for Hire team.

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She-Hulk's resisted dating an "ex-con", but after a scuffle with Titania and the Absorbing Man where Cage aided her, she reconsidered.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk has many friends in the superhuman community, most of whom showed up for her Christmas party in the 2015 Gwenpool Special.

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However, She-Hulk is immediately recognizable due to her size, green skin, and long, dark green, almost black hair.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk has then worn a purple and white one-piece leotard, complemented by fingerless gloves and sneakers.

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Where Hulk is merely an outlet for Bruce Banner's rage and pain, She-Hulk is pure liberation for the geeky, mousy Jennifer Walters.

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UGO Networks stated, "She-Hulk has found herself on both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

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She-Hulk's is an expression of how terrific it would be not to have to censor yourself, to be allowed to be angry without some man declaring you unladylike.

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She-Hulk's happily accepts the things that make her different and she doesn't try to hide herself just because others disapprove.

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She-Hulk's-Hulk is seen as one of the last few Avengers fighting the entity called Charnel.

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Teenaged version of She-Hulk appears as one of the main protagonists of Marvel Her-oes, an all-ages series written by Grace Randolph.

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She-Hulk's is later seen being restrained by the Thing after eating Franklin and Valeria Richards.

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