20 Facts About Absorbing Man


Absorbing Man is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Absorbing Man was given his powers by the Asgardian god Loki in a plot to defeat Loki's brother Thor.

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Loki and Creel are then beaten by trickery; once given Odin's Rod of Rulership the two quarrel over it, with the Absorbing Man trying to absorb the rod, and the two find that they cannot let go.

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Bruce Banner had been sent to divert the comet, as it was feared it was radioactive, but the Absorbing Man leaped aboard and began absorbing the Hulk's strength.

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Absorbing Man tries to bury the Hulk under a mountain, but when the Hulk turns back to human form, the Absorbing Man is unable to support the great weight and was buried.

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Absorbing Man is one of the villains who participates in the Secret Wars, and develops a romantic relationship with the super-strong villainess Titania.

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Absorbing Man is briefly trapped and converted into a new form of cocaine by one of the Owl's operatives when they become frustrated with his unprofessional approach, with the new drug briefly giving those who snort him a degree of his powers, but he eventually manages to reassemble himself in a sewer and goes after the Owl for revenge.

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Absorbing Man suffers a setback when villain Norman Osborn uses an enchanted sword—provided by Loki—to remove his absorbing powers completely.

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Absorbing Man is defeated by Avengers' coordinators Maria Hill, Sharon Carter, and Victoria Hand after absorbing the latter's cold.

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Absorbing Man is briefly converted to heroism when everyone on the island experiences a moral inversion as Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch attempt to bring out the Charles Xavier in Red Skull, joining the new Astonishing Avengers assembled by Steve Rogers and Spider-Man to oppose the inverted heroes.

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Absorbing Man later reverts to villainy when the inversion is undone.

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Absorbing Man later made an acquaintance with Black Bolt and fellow inmates Blinky, Metal Master, and Raava.

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Absorbing Man gets injected with a Bannerman Gene-Enhancement Package that turned him into a gamma mutate able to absorb gamma radiation, at the cost of turning his skin a bright red color.

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Absorbing Man, still controlled by The One Below All, continues fighting Hulk.

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Absorbing Man ran off when Jackie McGee, Walter Langkowski, and Puck showed up.

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Absorbing Man's body was able to reform itself after being broken or damaged, especially a severed arm which Wolverine cuts off during the Secret Wars.

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Absorbing Man is tricked into absorbing the weak physicality of the zombie Karnak and Machine Man swiftly destroys his head.

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Absorbing Man was among the villains that laid a trap for the young heroes in Osborn City.

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Absorbing Man is a member of the Master Brotherhood of Evil Apes.

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Absorbing Man is among the mind-controlled villains defending Krona's stronghold when the heroes assault it.

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