19 Facts About Abd-ar-Rahman III


Abd-ar-Rahman III's parents were Abdullah's son Muhammad and Muzna, a Christian concubine.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's paternal grandmother was a Christian, the royal infanta Onneca Fortunez, daughter of the captive king Fortun Garces of Pamplona.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's legs were short, to the point that the stirrups of his saddle were mounted just one palm under it.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's made sure that Abd al-Rahman's education was conducted with some rigour.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III inherited an emirate on the verge of dissolution, his power extending not far beyond the vicinity of Cordoba.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's troops were able to recover the coras of Jaen and Granada, while a cavalry detachment was sent to free Malaga from ibn Hafsun's siege.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III obtained the capitulation of Finana, after setting fire to its suburbs.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III initially sent a special corps under Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Hudayr, governor of Ecija, to Seville, to obtain their submission.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's cavalry ravaged the nearby woods and the countryside, while the rest of the troops moved to Turrus, a castle located in the present municipality of Algarinejo, which was surrounded within five days, while its environs were devastated.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III captured the forts of Osma and San Esteban de Gormaz.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III launched a counter offensive against Sancho in which Abd al-Rahman devastated a large area of Basque territory.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's cause was helped by Fernan Gonzalez of Castile, one of the Christian leaders at Simancas, who subsequently launched a sustained rebellion against Ramiro.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III expanded the city's library, which would be further enriched by his successors.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III reinforced the Iberian fleet, which became the most powerful in Mediterranean Europe.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III renovated and added to the Mosque–Cathedral of Cordoba.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III was very wary of losing control and kept tight reins on his family.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III was tolerant of non-Muslims, Jews and Christians who were treated fairly.

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Abd al-Rahman Abd-ar-Rahman III's mother Muzna was a Christian captive, possibly from the Pyrenean region.

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Abd-ar-Rahman III's paternal grandmother Onneca Fortunez was a Christian princess from the Kingdom of Pamplona.

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