26 Facts About Dodge

1. Dodge is an American brand of automobiles and a division of Stellantis, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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2. John Dodge died from the Spanish flu in January 1920, having lungs weakened by tuberculosis 20 years earlier.

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3. Dodge announced that the Viper was to be an SRT product, and Ram a standalone marque.

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4. Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company in Detroit in 1900, and quickly found work manufacturing precision engine and chassis components for the city's growing number of automobile firms.

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5. John Dodge was once quoted as saying, "Someday, people who own a Ford are going to want an automobile".

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6. Pershing himself used a Dodge touring car to keep abreast of army columns and control their movements.

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7. The Graham truck line from then on used only Dodge-built chassis, from 1-ton to 3-ton capacity, and Dodge kept making light-duty trucks.

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8. Dodge was sold to the new Chrysler Corporation in 1928 in a stock transfer instead of cash for $170 million who had attempted to purchase Dodge two years earlier.

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9. Dodge added safety features such as a smooth, flat dashboard with no protruding knobs, curved in door handles, and padded front-seat backs for the benefit of the rear-seat occupants.

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10. Civilian production at Dodge was restarted by late 1945, in time for the 1946 model year.

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11. Special and regional models were sold as well, including the LaFemme and the Texan, a gold-accented Dodge sold in the Lone Star State.

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12. Dodge entered the compact car field for 1961 with their new Lancer, a variation on Plymouth's Valiant.

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13. Dodge targeted the muscle car market of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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14. Dodge-branded Mitsubishi vehicles were phased out by 1993 except for the Dodge Stealth running through 1996, though Mitsubishi-made engines and electrical components were still widely used in American domestic Chrysler products.

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15. In 1992, Dodge moved their performance orientation forward substantially with the Viper, which featured an aluminum V10 engine and composite sports roadster body.

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16. In 2013, Dodge reintroduced a compact car based on an Alfa Romeo design called the Dart.

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17. Ever since Dodge began building their own cars in 1914, the company offered light truck models.

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18. In 1939 again, Dodge presented a completely redesigned line of pickups and trucks, with streamlined new, 'art-deco' front sheetmetal styling.

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19. Dodge introduced the Ram's all-new "big-rig" styling treatment for 1994.

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20. Dodge imported a version of Mitsubishi's popular Montero as the Raider from 1987 to 1989.

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21. Dodge came to Argentina in the early 20th century with imported cars and trucks.

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22. In 1993, Dodge began marketing cars and pick-ups directly in Argentina.

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23. Dodge entered the Japanese market in mid-2007 and re-entered the Chinese market in late 2007.

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24. Dodge marketed its vehicles in South Korea in 2004, starting with the Dakota.

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25. In 2010, Dodge started sales of the imported pickup Ram 2500.

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26. Dodge started assembling lorries in the United Kingdom from imported parts in 1922.

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