26 Facts About Thundra


Thundra is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Thundra's is a powerful, red haired, amazon-like warrior, or Femizon, from a matriarchal, technologically advanced future timeline where men have been subjugated by women.

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Thundra is a warrior woman and time traveler from an alternate future 23rd century.

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Thundra is renowned as the United Sisterhood's most formidable warrior, having been physically enhanced by genetic engineering and trained from childhood in combat, the martial arts, and military strategy.

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Thundra's is sent to the 20th century to challenge Fantastic Four member the Thing to a bout of one-on-one combat, believing him to be the strongest male of all time.

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Thundra is recruited into the evil group of supervillains known as the Frightful Four by the Wizard, and they battled the Fantastic Four.

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Thundra's secretly has her own agenda and has no real interest in the group.

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Thundra's battled the Thing in personal combat, and then wound up ultimately switching sides and helping the Fantastic Four defeat the Frightful Four after she quits that group.

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Thundra's later battled the Hulk, who was possessing the Thing's body at the time.

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Thundra later assisted the Fantastic Four against the Frightful Four again, and then assisted the Fantastic Four against Namor the Sub-Mariner.

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Thundra's ultimately remained in the 20th Century after a dimensional interface of Femizonia and Machus occurred.

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Thundra's later assisted the Fantastic Four and Tigra against the Frightful Four, and then assisted the Fantastic Four, Tigra, and the Impossible Man against the Brute, Mad Thinker, and Annihilus.

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Thundra later met wrestling promoter Herkimer Oglethorpe, and on his advice she became a professional wrestler training with the Grapplers, a group of female wrestlers who possess cybernetic-endowed superpowers.

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Thundra's encountered the duplicate Hyperion and the Avengers, and battled Ms.

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Thundra's is briefly allied with the duplicate Hyperion while still in service to Roxxon, and with him stole the Nth Projector from the Nth Command, before she returned to an alternate Femizonia which did not interface with Machus.

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Thundra's later abducted the Avengers and Fantastic Four to the future to enlist their aid in defending Femizonia from the extra-dimensional warlord Arkon and his warriors from Polemachus.

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Thundra's fought Arkon in personal combat, and became romantically inclined toward him.

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Thundra is convinced to hand over the Skrull intelligence agent after Crystal makes an impassioned speech.

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Thundra, Sue Storm and Valkyrie team up with She-Hulk and her Skrull partner Jazinda in order to forcibly distribute stagnating aid in the corrupt country of Marinmer.

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Red Hulk then kidnaps Thundra, and offers her an alliance after deducing she was the only one of the group that was willing to kill him.

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Thundra is a skilled combatant with a sword or her three-foot linked chain, the latter of which is her weapon of choice, often attached to a bracelet on her left forearm.

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Future version of Thundra took cell scrapings from the Hulk which were used by scientists in the future to impregnate her.

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Thundra offers to take her hunting, but Krona appears and destroys Polemachus, Thundra and her entire universe.

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In Marvel Zombies: Return: Avengers, Thundra is shown to be a member of the Sentry's undead group along with Super-Skrull, Quasar, Moon Knight, Namor the Sub-Mariner and Quicksilver.

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Thundra's argues with Quicksilver that she will not eat the meat of men because she will not let her perfect warrior's body be "tainted by flesh with the Y-chromosome".

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Thundra has been made an action figure in the Marvel Legends line by Hasbro.

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