68 Facts About Moon Knight


Moon Knight is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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On his return to the United States, Spector invests his mercenary profits into becoming the crimefighter "Moon Knight", aided by Frenchie and Marlene Alraune, who becomes his lover and eventually the mother of his daughter.

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In most of his stories, Moon Knight has no supernatural abilities beyond occasional visions of mystic insight.

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Moon Knight relies on athletic ability, advanced technology, expert combat and detective skills, and a high tolerance for pain based on willpower, training, and experience.

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Moon Knight had a silver baton he could use when he battled werewolves.

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Moon Knight received his first ongoing series in 1980, with Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz as its main creative team.

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In September 2009, a new series titled Vengeance of the Moon Knight began by writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Jerome Opena.

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In Secret Avengers, writer Warren Ellis introduced the idea that Moon Knight sometimes operates without a costume and instead wearing a simple white suit and full white mask.

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Moon Knight appeared in the Shadowland crossover and in the 2010 relaunch of Heroes for Hire.

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The series depicted Moon Knight experiencing four alters, though now three of his alters were imitations of Spider-Man, Captain America, and Wolverine.

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The new series has Marc Spector not only acting as the crimefighter Moon Knight but adopting the role of high priest of "the Midnight Mission, " a congregation dedicated to Khonshu.

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Moon Knight is discharged and earns a living as an underground boxer and fighter in Baghdad until he is recruited by French pilot and mercenary Jean-Paul “Frenchie” DuChamp.

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Moon Knight befriends Bertrand Crawley, a former textbook salesperson who is homeless and operates as a street informant.

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Armed with silver weaponry, Moon Knight is sent to fight the werewolf Jack Russell in Los Angeles.

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Years later, Moon Knight learned that the Hatchet-Man who died was an impostor.

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Moon Knight then explains it was his wish that Spector join the Avengers and so he influenced Moon Knight's mind to do so.

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Moon Knight gives up the Egyptian themed replacement weapons designed by Hawkeye.

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Moon Knight learns the thief is 18-year-old Jeffrey Wilde, son of Anton Mogart.

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Moon Knight grows to resent Moon Knight, believing the hero owes him more respect and is responsible for the death of his father .

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Moon Knight is put on trial for his actions while acting as a mercenary during a previous regime change, including causing the death of Ricardo Dominguez, the previous president whom Spector instinctively shot in self defense when the man reached for a gun.

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The experience shakes Moon Knight, leading him to question if he is misguided in his belief that he follows the will of Khonshu.

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Moon Knight believes he died from his injuries and the fall but that Khonshu resurrected him .

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Moon Knight learns from Spider-Man that Jeff Wilde AKA Midnight is alive, now operating as a cyborg warrior for the Secret Empire.

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Moon Knight is able to crack ShadowKnight's shell with an adamantium weapon.

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Punisher executes Nepthys and later unleashes heavy gunfire on ShadowMoon Knight, who suffers extensive internal injuries before then suffering a seemingly fatal fall.

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The Avengers, a team that relies on cooperation with the US government and the United Nations, learn Moon Knight gained help in invading the consulate by showing his credentials as an Avengers reservist and implying he was on an official mission.

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Moon Knight is warned it will not be certain until 48 hours have passed whether or not the damage done by the parasite is fatal.

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Moon Knight is relieved when the 48 hour mark passes and his health remains stable.

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Moon Knight is buried by his friends on the grounds of the estate he purchased as Steven Grant.

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Around this time, some heroes take notice that Moon Knight is more violent and ruthless and attempt to speak to him about it.

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Moon Knight is later forced into a final confrontation with Midnight.

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The psychiatrist gives Moon Knight a pass on his exam and literally bows in deference to Khonshu.

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Moon Knight later confronts Knowles and pushes him off a rooftop, apparently causing a fatal fall.

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Rather than be imprisoned as an unregistered vigilante, Marc Spector gives up his role as Moon Knight but continues to fight crime clandestinely while wearing an entirely black costume.

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Moon Knight tries to make amends to Marlene and Frenchie for his recent behavior.

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Moon Knight's efficient crimefighting and non-lethal tactics quickly gain favor with New York's population, angering Norman Osborn who resents failing to capture and imprison the hero before.

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On one mission, Moon Knight adopts a simple white suit and mask rather than his usual body armor and hooded cape.

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Moon Knight joins a group of heroes on an assault on Daredevil's Shadowland fortress.

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Moon Knight must fight and likely kill Randall Spector, who is still alive and operating as Shadow Knight again.

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Later, Moon Knight is invited to Stark Tower to celebrate the return of Janet van Dyne, who had been thought killed in battle years before.

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Moon Knight creates the Midnight Mission, a religious congregation following the teachings of Khonshu.

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Moon Knight is the first to be apprehended by Thunderbolts members Agony, Electro II, Rhino, and U S Agent.

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Moon Knight is an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled acrobat who excels at combat strategy.

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Moon Knight's fighting style combines elements of various combat techniques and relies heavily on adaptability, using the environment to his advantage, intimidating his opponents, and accepting a certain level of pain and injury.

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Moon Knight is shown to possess a very high tolerance for pain and torture.

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Moon Knight typically wears metal bracers on his wrists and calves.

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Moon Knight employs a variety of weapons over the course of his career, many of which involve or are made of silver.

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At one point, Moon Knight accepted golden and ivory Egyptian-themed weapons created by followers of Khonshu.

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Moon Knight uses this feature to support a building from collapsing, despite a lack of superhuman strength.

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Transportation, Moon Knight employs a variety of sophisticated aircraft such as the Mooncopter and the Angelwing, a mini-jet featuring VTOL and 20mm cannons.

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Moon Knight acquired these with the intent of assimilating those of the Star Brand, the Phoenix Force and the Odin-Force-imbued Mjolnir belonging to All-Father Thor as well.

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Moon Knight is granted the transformational capability to change to and from his costumed identity at will, on top of powers over lunar effects such as creating astral rock formations consisting of planetary orbital satellites, raising and commanding the dead; mummies loyal to his divinity, lunar empowerment under the super moon created by Khonshu's will and the ability to survive unaided in the cold recesses of space without life support.

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Moon Knight has a split-personality and struggles to maintain his sanity.

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Moon Knight gained the power of super-strength, durability, and stamina from the Moon God Khonshu.

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Charlie Huston, writer of the 2006 re-launch of Moon Knight, attempted to answer the criticism that Moon Knight is an ersatz Batman in an interview with Comixfan writer Remy Minnick.

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Likewise, Moon Knight briefly had a teenage would-be sidekick, with the Steven Grant identity becoming a billionaire, using the fortune to fund his career as Moon Knight.

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Moon Knight wasn't broken before - it's just that no one seemed to notice it.

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The hype was at an all-time high, but Moon Knight manages to deliver on it, and I certainly could not have asked for a better debut.

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Moon Knight appears in House of M as part of Luke Cage's Sapien Resistance against Earth's rulers, the House of Magnus, although he is not wearing his costume in this timeline.

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Moon Knight appears in House of M: Avengers wearing his costume.

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In Marvel Zombies, Moon Knight is one of the superheroes infected by the zombie plague.

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Moon Knight is later killed by Deadpool, who appears on the Marvel Zombies Earth and cuts his head off.

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Moon Knight can be seen holding a staff that has a crescent moon at the top.

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Later on, Daredevil invites Moon Knight to join an organization of superheroes dedicated to bringing down the Kingpin.

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The Moon Knight alter opposes this decision, only to then be seemingly destroyed by the new Ronin alter.

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In Universe X, Moon Knight is locked in a never-ending battle with the Sons of Set, over the statue of Khonshu.

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Moon Knight's is killed by Nightcrawler, who teleports her into a spiked pit trap.

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On Earth-818 which was ruled by Multiversal Masters of Evil member Black Skull, a version of Moon Knight named Mariama Spector is a member of the resistance against Black Skull that is led by Ant-Man .

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