22 Facts About Star Brand


Star Brand is the name of a number of similar objects of power in the world of the Marvel Comics.

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Original Star Brand is a black star-shaped tattoo-like mark that first appeared in the comic book series Star Brand, published by Marvel Comics as a part of its New Universe imprint from 1986 to 1989.

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The Star Brand gave its bearer infinite, god-like powers, limited only by the wielder's imagination.

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Second Star Brand is a glowing glyph, shaped like the original Star Brand and giving identical powers.

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Third Star Brand was introduced in 2013's Avengers Infinity and is the first to be native to Marvel's main continuity.

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Star Brand was created by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter to be the flagship series of the New Universe line.

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Mark Gruenwald's notes from the meeting in which the New Universe concept was fleshed out indicate that the original title was "Will Power", and that the name "Star Brand" was taken from an unused concept by Archie Goodwin.

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Jim Shooter's run on Star Brand was unique in that, unlike nearly every other superhero comic up to that time, it was not told from omniscient point-of-view, and instead showed only Ken Connell's firsthand experiences.

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Star Brand was taken down to bi-monthly status, and consisted of fill-in issues for the next half year.

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Star Brand later used them in the Starblast limited series and crossover which ended when The Stranger used the Star Brand to move the Earth of the New Universe into orbit around his labworld.

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The Star Brand was supposedly artificially created by a long-dead alien race as a tool that confers amazing powers to its wielder.

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The purpose of the Star Brand glyph is to help the transition of a world through the inevitable paradigm shift caused when it comes into contact with a web of strange matter, called "newuniversal structure", wherein normal physical laws operate differently.

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The energies were so strong that a symbol of the Star Brand had been scorched into the hillside around them, with Kenneth at its center.

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The Avengers fought against Nightmask and Star Brand which resulted in Nightmask and Star Brand destroying the living consciousness of Earth.

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Alongside Ex Nihilo, Abyss, and Nightmask, Star Brand joins the Avengers when they leave Earth to fight the Builders.

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Star Brand is apparently killed by Ghost Rider's Penance Stare, leaving the Star Brand symbol burned into the ground.

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Star Brand was eventually found by that reality's Rocket Raccoon and Groot, who brought her aboard their ship, the Mothership Guardian, much to Rocket's annoyance.

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The Star Brand returned to Brandy, and she was left brokenhearted by Rocket's death.

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Alternate versions of Ken Connell and the Star Brand appear in Exiles during that series' "Worlds Tour" story-arc.

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Three Star Brand marks are pictured - each one looks distinctly different.

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In prehistoric times, the Star Brand fell from space, killing all the dinosaurs, and selected its first bearer, a Tyrannosaurus Rex who would go on to protect earth from threats.

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Star Brand later came together with Agamotto, Lady Phoenix, Odin, and prehistoric versions of Black Panther, Ghost Rider, and Iron Fist.

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