54 Facts About Amadeus Cho


Amadeus Cho, known as Brawn, is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Amadeus Cho usually appears in books featuring the Avengers or individual members of that group, such as the Hulk or Hercules.

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In contrast with Banner, who found his Hulk powers to be a burden, Amadeus Cho is a confident character who revels in his newfound abilities.

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In December 2015, as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event, Amadeus Cho began headlining the new series The Totally Awesome Hulk, written by Pak and drawn by Frank Amadeus Cho.

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Amadeus Cho is a Korean American named after his parents' love for Mozart's music and Methodist beliefs.

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Amadeus Cho's story begins when he wins the Excello Soap Company's "Brain Soap" competition, making him the seventh-smartest person in the world.

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Amadeus Cho is next seen during the events of the crossover event, World War Hulk, where he first comes across a de-powered Jen Walters.

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Amadeus Cho is attracted to the Amazon warrior Delphyne Gorgon, but upon her becoming queen she is obliged to end any flirtation, to his sadness.

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Amadeus Cho finally confronts Dupree in person, and learns that Dupree was not aware of Amadeus Cho' sister being missing.

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Amadeus Cho's tells him that Hades would not have allowed him in if Hercules' soul had been there.

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Amadeus Cho convinces Thor that he is innocent, and Thor then joins his quest to both stop Halfling and resurrect Hercules.

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Amadeus Cho helps Hercules and Thor gather Sersi, Venus, Daimon Hellstrom, Silver Surfer, and Galactus together as the second incarnation of the God Squad.

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Amadeus Cho calculates that Amatsu-Mikaboshi by now has consumed most of the Multiverse and urges humanity to escape to an unpopulated and sealed-off continuum.

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Amadeus Cho convinces them that he is their god and that they must help save Shanna's life.

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Amadeus Cho tells Shanna what the Neanderthal natives had explained to him: the machine powering the damping field was powering a prison, one holding an ancient hostile alien presence.

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Amadeus Cho's arrives in time with Amadeus Cho behind her and stops Wolverine.

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Eight months after the Secret Wars storyline, Amadeus Cho becomes the Hulk by removing the Hulk from Bruce Banner and placing it into his body.

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Later, Amadeus Cho begins having "blackouts" and strange dreams about his parents' death.

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At first, Amadeus Cho tries to keep himself out of the fight, fearing he might lose control again, until Maddy gives him a pep talk.

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Later, Amadeus Cho finds Banner on a beach in California, sick with influenza, and takes Banner to his secret base in Arizona.

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Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho begins to worry that the gamma radiation is affecting him emotionally and causing him to black out.

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Amadeus Cho then finds out about Bruce Banner's death through the news.

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Amadeus Cho meets Black Panther, who fights Cho with his own version of the Hulkbuster.

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Amadeus Cho tries to reason with him, but Sung refuses to talk and throws the baby.

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Weeks later, Amadeus Cho meets NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin, who invites him to a charity game.

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Amadeus Cho manages to destroy one of them but the others escape, ultimately taking Arch-E hostage.

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Amadeus Cho is overwhelmed from defeating Phalkan's forces, but before Phalkan can kill him he is rescued by Jimmy.

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Sometime later, during the "Weapons of Mutant Destruction" storyline, Amadeus Cho is rescuing a Russian spacecraft when he's attacked by two Adamantium cyborgs.

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Amadeus Cho's Hulk tries to help fight H-Beta and reason with it, giving Doctor Alba the opportunity to unleash the H-Alpha which beheads H-Beta.

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Amadeus Cho suggests that they recruit Vision's daughter Viv, which they managed to do.

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Amadeus Cho reveals that he helped build the facility years ago, which was meant as a prison for the original Hulk.

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Amadeus Cho finds that the many nomadic tribes of Sakaar are being threatened by the Warlord from Fillia.

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Three months after spending in prison, Amadeus Cho was informed by Matt Murdock that the former is relieved from the position of Olympus Group's CEO, whereas Maddy and Hercules are able to handle the company's respective administration holdings.

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The newly summoned heroes are initially furious with Amadeus Cho for taking them out of their battle with Sindr's forces in Shanghai and attack him and the group, but Pele quickly puts a stop to the infighting, warning the group that Sindr plans to melt the polar ice caps if they don't work together.

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Amadeus Cho then warns Jimmy of the ramifications for impersonating a god and tells him that the team can no longer trust him.

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Amadeus Cho reluctantly agrees to have the team continue helping Pan and to find out more about Nguyen; when the team goes their separate ways to different Pan sectors, Amadeus Cho and Silk go to the Pan Grand Hotel to check on the Mandripoorian refugees.

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Amadeus Cho becomes more suspicious when one of the Madripoorian refugees tells him about hearing dragons roaring from Nguyen's personal tower.

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When Nguyen and the Sirenas' leader Sea Hunter propose to launch a retaliatory attack Atlantis, Amadeus Cho objects, pointing out that the dragon was being manipulated into attacking Atlantis.

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Amadeus Cho decides to go with Jimmy's group to Atlantis to defend it from the Sirenas while ordering Uranian, 3-D Man and M-11 to stay in Pan to reboot Pan's Pass codes in case of an invasion from Atlantis.

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Amadeus Cho is a teenager gifted with a super-genius mind, bearing the "natural ability to identify the variables and quantum possibilities in any situation".

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Amadeus Cho is described by Reed Richards as being the 7th most intelligent person in the world, though Hank Pym claims that, with his return to Earth from Skrull captivity, Amadeus is actually the 8th.

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The Eternal Ajak believes that Amadeus Cho is actually more intelligent than some immortals, and he has claimed to Athena, who says that intelligence is essentially "pattern recognition", that he sees patterns better than 99.

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Amadeus Cho is able to rapidly and without mechanical aid perform mental calculations of almost unimaginable complexity enabling him to, with minimal stimuli on his part, set multiple physical reactions into motion in his vicinity, forestalling technological and human activity with equal ease.

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Amadeus Cho has shown himself capable of doing anything from redirecting a laser-guided missile with a wing mirror to tracking the Hulk based on his trajectory and jump height.

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Amadeus Cho uses this power to shut down the Leader's equipment and revert MODOK to his original human form.

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Amadeus Cho loses this power when Bruce Banner uses a recalibrated Cathexis Ray to remove the powers of the newly created Hulks.

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Amadeus Cho uses Bannertech to augment himself with devices including scanners and forcefields.

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Amadeus Cho has access to all of the Olympus Group's wealth and resources.

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However, Amadeus Cho is capable of turning back from his Brawn form into his original Hulk form when angered enough.

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Amadeus Cho picked him up along the side of the road, near a roadside diner where he met the Hulk for the first time.

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Amadeus Cho has since trained him to distract opponents and perform simple search operations.

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Amadeus Cho is slain by Cho's ally, Aton, who sees him transform back to Kirby and bites his head off.

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Amadeus Cho decides to leave Kirby where he is, reasoning that his life had become too dangerous for him.

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Version of Amadeus Cho appears in the pages of Marvel Zombies 5, in an alternate reality based in Machine Man-Iron Man 2020.

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