24 Facts About Inhumans


Inhumans are a fictional superhuman race of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Inhumans did make it to the big screen in the 2022 feature film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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Inhumans were largely absent from publications for much of the 1980s, but appeared in their own graphic novel in 1988, written by Ann Nocenti and illustrated by Bret Blevins.

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In 2007, the Inhumans featured in the Silent War limited series by writer David Hine, and artist Frazer Irving.

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In July 2018, Marvel launched a new five-issue miniseries titled Death of the Inhumans written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ariel Olivetti.

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Inhumans immersed himself in the Mists and gained mental powers comparable to the Eternals.

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Inhumans are led by their king, Black Bolt, and his Royal Family, consisting of Medusa, Karnak the Shatterer, Gorgon, Triton, Crystal, Maximus the Mad, and the canine Lockjaw.

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Once-secret existence of the race has come to light among the general public as the Inhumans interact more often with many of Earth's superheroes—including the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men—whom they have aided against threats such as Doctor Doom, Ultron 7, Magneto, and Apocalypse.

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Inhumans exiled Maximus and the Alpha Primitives to the Negative Zone.

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All was not over, as the Inhumans were not willing to just follow Black Bolt back to Earth.

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The Inhumans attempted to foster better relations with Earth by sending students to the University of Wisconsin.

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The mini series ends on a cliffhanger, with the destruction of Atilian and Maximus having taken control over the Inhumans using his psychic power, leaving only Luna and Black Bolt free from his control and Maximus vowing that the Inhumans will enslave Earth in retaliation for their destruction of Atilian.

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Finally deciding that they will no longer be used and abused by other races, the Inhumans take drastic action to ensure their survival as a race.

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Inhumans admitted he felt that he was just holding the spot of ruler for their true king, Black Bolt, but Black Bolt declined the seat of king.

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Back on Earth, the Fantastic Four encounter an interstellar group of Inhumans formed from the Centaurians, the Dire Wraiths, the Kymellians, and the Badoon.

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The resulting Universal Inhumans have banded together and traveled to Earth in search of Black Bolt, who they believe will lead their collective people in an eventual takeover of Earth.

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When Black Bolt returned, the Universal Inhumans arrive on Earth's moon where a prophecy revolving around a Midnight King rising from the Inhuman Program and bringing an end to the Kree is revealed.

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Inhumans told Medusa who was present during his interrogation that she needed to forget everything she thought she knew, ignore the instincts, and forget the past.

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Inhumans's did what she had to in order to save the mutant race, but in doing so she had doomed the future of her people.

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Karnak and other normal Inhumans who are in excellent physical shape can lift one ton and are physically slightly superior to the peak of normal human physical achievement.

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Former king of the Inhumans called the Unspoken revealed that the Alpha Primitives are actually humans who have been exposed to gas created from Xerogen Crystals, a substance created by the Kree as a weapon for the Inhumans to use against their human enemies.

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The other Inhumans were present at the meeting between Black Bolt, Professor X, and Magneto.

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The Inhumans made themselves known to the Fantastic Four when a member of their royalty, Crystal, fled to New York after being ordered to marry Black Bolt's brother Maximus.

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Inhumans's left behind her dog Lockjaw, who had the ability to teleport the Fantastic Four to Atillan.

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