24 Facts About Shi'ar


Shi'ar are a fictional species of aliens appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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The Shi'ar Empire, is a vast collection of alien species, cultures, and worlds situated close to the Skrull and Kree Empires.

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The Shi'ar are one of the three main extraterrestrial empires depicted in the Marvel Universe, alongside the Kree and Skrull.

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Shi'ar are cold-blooded humanoids of avian descent; they resemble humans with feathered crests atop their heads in lieu of hair.

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Unlike Humans the Shi'ar do not dream, except for those born "defective" or "infected by dreams".

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Such Shi'ar include Warbird and the Shi'ar having survived the Fianden's weapons.

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Shi'ar possess technologies common to most Marvel alien races, including:.

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Shi'ar "Galaxian" has stated that they have learned nearly every spoken language.

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Mostly for tactical terms or insults, the Shi'ar insert words of their language into English sentences.

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Shi'ar Empire is one of the most advanced and expansive civilizations in the universe, spanning entire galaxies.

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Not all races have the same rights in the Imperium, as the Shi'ar appear to have a disproportionate influence on its governance.

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Shi'ar consider artistic creativity to be a sign of insanity and deviance, as they lack the ability to dream.

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Shi'ar who have the ability to dream and create do all they can to suppress their impulses.

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D'Ken Neramani, a corrupt Shi'ar ruler, attempted to use the powerful M'Kraan Crystal to take over the universe.

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Shi'ar was rendered comatose by the crystal and Lilandra then took over as the Majestrix of the Shi'ar Empire.

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Shi'ar put Reed Richards on trial for the crimes of genocide.

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Shi'ar was guilty of reviving Galactus after he was defeated on Earth.

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Shi'ar is responsible for initially directing the alien parasites known as the Brood towards the Earth and its heroes.

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Recent events seem to indicate the Shi'ar Council was responsible for this, and that Lilandra is unaware of what has been done in her name.

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Early in their history, the Shi'ar attacked them, killed a great number of their people, making the rest flee for their lives.

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The Shi'ar then proceed to attack both the Scy'ar and the Starjammers.

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Vulcan and the Shi'ar were featured prominently in the mini-series X-Men: Kingbreaker that revolved around Vulcan and the Starjammers following the conclusion of the mini-series Emperor Vulcan.

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Thor impedes their efforts by saving lives instead of claiming them, the round going to her as the living Shi'ar people are thankful for her mercy; much to her displeasure.

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In Marvel Zombies Return, led by Luke Cage of another reality, the Shi'ar were defeated and killed by the zombified heroes of the Earth.

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