47 Facts About Luke Cage


Luke Cage is one of the earliest black superheroes to be featured as the protagonist and title character of a Marvel comic book.

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Luke Cage later marries the super-powered private investigator Jessica Jones, with whom he has a daughter.

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Luke Cage's costume was supposed to say super-hero, yet not super-hero.

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Luke Cage had the yellow shirt and headband and wristbands to contrast with his black skin.

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Luke Cage was created following conversations between Archie Goodwin and Roy Thomas shortly after blaxploitation films emerged as a popular new genre.

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Luke Cage's adventures were set in a grungier, more crime-dominated New York City than that inhabited by other Marvel superheroes of the time.

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In 1992, Luke Cage was relaunched in a new series simply titled Luke Cage, set primarily in Chicago.

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The revived series updated the character, with Luke Cage symbolically destroying his original costume on the cover of the first issue.

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Luke Cage received exposure in other books at the time, including his own serial in the anthology series Marvel Comics Presents.

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Subsequently, Luke Cage was featured in the Brian Michael Bendis-written series Alias, Secret War, The Pulse, Daredevil, and The New Avengers.

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Luke Cage reappeared as a regular character in the second volume of The New Avengers series.

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Luke Cage seeks to better himself as an adult by finding legitimate employment.

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Luke Cage uses his new power to escape Seagate and makes his way back to New York, where a chance encounter with criminals inspires him to use his new powers for profit.

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Via a later retcon, Luke Cage befriends Jessica Jones, a young woman whose superhuman strength and unconventional style match his own.

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Shortly afterward, Luke Cage begins associating with the loose-knit super-team the Defenders, alongside whom he battles the Wrecking Crew and the Sons of the Serpent.

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Together, they defeat minor threats including the Eel and the Porcupine, and major menaces such as the Headmen, Nebulon, Egghead's Emissaries of Evil, and the Red Rajah; but Luke Cage feels out of place in the often-bizarre exploits of the Defenders and eventually resigns.

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Luke Cage discovers that Iron Fist had been replaced by a doppelganger of the plantlike H'ylthri race, K'un-Lun's ancient enemies during his treatment.

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Luke Cage learns that Cruz, following in his father's extortion footsteps, has abducted Noah Burstein's wife Emma to force the scientist to recreate the process that had empowered Luke Cage.

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Luke Cage's power is augmented further by exposure to the Power Man virus.

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When Luke Cage learns the Corporation is holding his family, he invades their headquarters and battles Coldfire.

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The mystic Doctor Druid recruits Luke Cage to serve in his Secret Defenders against the sorcerer Malachi.

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Luke Cage joins Heroes for Hire and serves with them for some time while reporting to the Master.

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Luke Cage begins to sympathize with the more benevolent aspects of the Master's goals, but in the end, Luke Cage can neither betray Iron Fist nor reconcile himself to the tremendous loss of life the Master's plans of conquest will entail, and he helps Heroes for Hire destroy the Master of the World's plans.

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Luke Cage remains with the group thereafter, and dates a fellow member, the She-Hulk.

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Luke Cage invests his money in a bar and sets about ridding his immediate neighborhood of criminal elements, deciding that the business of world-saving is best left to others.

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Luke Cage extends emotional support to Jones when she is forced to revisit past abuses by the villainous Purple Man, and Luke Cage's feelings for her grow.

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Months afterwards, Luke Cage is present at the breakout at the supervillain prison 'The Raft' and becomes a founding member of the re-formed Avengers.

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Luke Cage meets the Black Panther, joining him and several other superhumans of African descent on a mission against vampires in New Orleans.

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Luke Cage and Jessica agree that she will take their newborn daughter away to Canada where they can be safe, though he himself refuses to leave.

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Luke Cage assumes leadership of the New Avengers after the assassination of Captain America, with the team now operating underground and provided with secure accommodation by Doctor Strange.

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Luke Cage is offered the role as leader of the New Avengers, but turns it down, giving the role to Ronin.

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In volume 2 of The Mighty Avengers, Luke Cage wears a costume reminiscent of his yellow Bronze Age outfit, with a yellow top and blue jeans.

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Luke Cage possesses superhuman strength and stamina, and has extremely dense skin and muscle tissue which render him highly resistant to physical injury.

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Luke Cage possesses these abilities as a result of a cellular regeneration experiment which fortified the various tissues of his body.

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Luke Cage is an exceptional street fighter and was a gifted athlete before receiving superhuman abilities.

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Luke Cage has studied martial arts under Iron Fist's instruction, learning how to couple leverage with his strength in order to increase his combat effectiveness against more powerful opponents.

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Luke Cage owns a jacket that is as durable as his skin, having been exposed to the "Power Man" treatment during his second exposure.

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An older Luke Cage is a police officer, complete with uniform, and he recruits Peter Parker.

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Luke Cage leads them to eradicate the Vi-Locks and his life is saved by Sunfire when she is stuck on his world.

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Luke Cage is the first person to whom Layla Miller comes to 'awaken' from the House of M reality, and joins the force that takes down Magneto and his children in Genosha.

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When Willis double-crossed Luke Cage and had him sent to prison, Luke Cage retaliated by putting out a hit on his former friend.

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The mini-series ends on an uncertain note, with Luke Cage standing between Caputo and Tombstone as both men fire their guns.

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In Marvel Zombies, Luke Cage is a member of the Avengers and one of the first heroes to become infected by the alien virus, ultimately infected by the zombified Sentry, along with the other Avengers.

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Luke Cage is among the few heroes who manages to eat the Silver Surfer, and receives cosmic powers by doing so.

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Luke Cage has a role in Marvel Zombies 2, joining Spider-Man in fighting against the other Galactus as he realizes that their hunger has faded over time.

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Luke Cage's lost arm is replaced by a transplanted arm from an unknown being and his lost lower half is replaced with a cybernetic one.

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Luke Cage's story has a distinct connection to unethical medical experiments; his comics presumably enhanced awareness of the Tuskegee syphilis experiments that made New York Times headlines in the very same month and year that Luke Cage debuted.

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