28 Facts About Doctor Druid


Doctor Anthony Druid, known as Doctor Droom and Druid, is a fictional mystic and a supernatural monster-hunter appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Doctor Druid is told that his appearance suits his new knowledge and role.

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Dr Doctor Druid sported a red outfit in his role as hero and the new version of his origin story removed the idea that the appearance of his racial heritage is altered by magic.

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Doctor Druid was one of the feature characters in the 2011 three-issue limited series Chaos War: Dead Avengers.

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Doctor Druid is an Irish psychiatrist and explorer as well as a minor telepath and magician, specializing mostly in hypnosis and other feats of mesmerism.

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Doctor Druid has minor magical abilities that have varied over the years.

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Doctor Druid is an expert on the occult, having been trained by a Tibetan lama who had come to the U S for medical attention.

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Doctor Druid eventually appeared again and teamed with the Hulk against the Maha Yogi.

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Doctor Druid joined the ranks of the Avengers shortly after helping to defend from this attack.

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Doctor Druid battled a Dracula doppelganger in the realm of Death.

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Doctor Druid's membership was tainted when he was mind controlled by supervillainess the Terminatrix into manipulating the team on her behalf.

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Doctor Druid eventually regained control of his own mind and returned to Earth, where, after learning his true origin, he banished "Nebula" and became younger by magic.

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Doctor Druid was briefly reunited with his former teammates while working with Doctor Strange during the Infinity War, and later became the leader of the Secret Defenders.

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Doctor Druid's ghost appeared later alongside the spirits of other dead ex-Avengers, confirming that Doctor Druid had, in fact, died this time.

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Doctor Druid happily assisted her with magical research pertaining to her mission, no wiser about his imminent demise.

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Doctor Druid's son is introduced as one of Nick Fury's new recruits to fight against the Secret Invasion.

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Doctor Druid revealed to his captives that his soul took on a corporeal form when it found Weirdworld, where he remained so that he can still be alive.

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Doctor Druid revealed that Ogeode built him a massive crystal on top of his castle to amplify his mind-control abilities, which brought anyone in his part of Weirdworld under his thrall.

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Doctor Druid has a variety of psionic abilities including telepathy which enables him to scan or project his thoughts to any mind on Earth, the ability to mesmerize minds less adept than his own, and the ability to perform mass hypnosis.

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Doctor Druid has psychokinetic powers enabling him to levitate himself or other people and objects.

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Doctor Druid has limited precognitive abilities and can sense the presence of recent uses of magic and trace them to their sources.

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Doctor Druid employs the mystical knowledge and skills of the ancient druids.

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At one time, Doctor Druid even had access to the Moebius Stone, which was a mystic item created by Agamotto that had a limited ability to manipulate time.

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Doctor Druid eventually destroyed the artifact because he felt it was too powerful to fall into the wrong hands.

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Doctor Druid can call upon the Celtic war goddesses Morrigan, Macha, and Badb for mystical assistance.

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Doctor Druid possesses various yogic abilities, including control over involuntary functions of his body such as his heartbeat, respiration, bleeding, and reaction to pain.

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Doctor Druid is one of the few survivors of the North American battles and leads a resistance movement based in Ireland.

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An alternate universe version of Doctor Druid appears in the 2007 miniseries Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness.

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