13 Facts About Viet Cong


The Viet Cong called for the unification of Vietnam and the overthrow of the American backed South Vietnamese government.

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In 1969, the Viet Cong created the "Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam", abbreviated PRG.

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The Saigon-Cholon Peace Committee, the first Viet Cong front, was founded in 1954 to provide leadership for this group.

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Viet Cong argued adamantly that war with the United States was necessary to achieve unification.

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In June 1958, the Viet Cong created a command structure for the eastern Mekong Delta.

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The Viet Cong created the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam in December 1960 at Tan Lap village in Tay Ninh as a "united front", or political branch intended to encourage the participation of non-communists.

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The Viet Cong won its first military victory against South Vietnamese forces at Ap Bac in January 1963.

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Viet Cong entered the cities concealed among civilians returning home for Tet.

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The Viet Cong used any available tactic to demoralize and intimidate the population, including the assassination of South Vietnamese commanders.

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The breakup of larger Viet Cong units increased the effectiveness of the CIA's Phoenix Program, which targeted individual leaders, as well as the Chieu Hoi Program, which encouraged defections.

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Viet Cong created an urban front in 1968 called the Alliance of National, Democratic, and Peace Forces.

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Activists opposing American involvement in Vietnam said that the Viet Cong was a nationalist insurgency indigenous to the South.

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The official Vietnamese history of the war states that "The Liberation Army of South Vietnam [Viet Cong] is a part of the People's Army of Vietnam".

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