12 Facts About Bosnia


Bosnia, which is the inland region of the country, has a moderate continental climate with hot summers and cold, snowy winters.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a developing country and ranks 74th in the Human Development Index.

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Bosnia has been inhabited by humans since at least the Paleolithic, as one of the oldest cave paintings was found in Badanj cave.

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The bulk of Bosnia proper appears to have been a territory between Serb and Croat rule.

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Bosnia was succeeded by his ambitious nephew Tvrtko who, following a prolonged struggle with nobility and inter-family strife, gained full control of the country in 1367.

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Finally, after decades of political and social instability, the Kingdom of Bosnia ceased to exist in 1463 after its conquest by the Ottoman Empire.

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Ottoman conquest of Bosnia marked a new era in the country's history and introduced drastic changes in the political and cultural landscape.

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Once the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was conquered by German forces in World War II, all of Bosnia was ceded to the Nazi puppet regime, the Independent State of Croatia led by the Ustase.

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Armed and equipped from JNA stockpiles in Bosnia, supported by volunteers and various paramilitary forces from Serbia, and receiving extensive humanitarian, logistical and financial support from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Republika Srpska's offensives in 1992 managed to place much of the country under its control.

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Northern Bosnia contains very fertile agricultural land along the Sava river and the corresponding area is heavily farmed.

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Bosnia has become an increasingly popular skiing and Ecotourism destination.

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Bosnia made 234 appearances and scored 31 goals for German club FC Bayern Munich.

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