9 Facts About European Parliament

1. The European Parliament approved the ban with a vote of 571 to 53.

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2. In this framework, the European Parliament hosts high-level conferences on inter-religious dialogue, with focus on current issues and in relation with parliamentary works.

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3. The European Parliament has the power to meet without being convened by another authority.

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4. The European Parliament can call other institutions to answer questions and if necessary to take them to court if they break EU law or treaties.

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5. As an elected body, the European Parliament began to draft proposals addressing the functioning of the EU.

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6. Under the Rome Treaties, the European Parliament should have become elected.

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7. In 1970 the European Parliament was granted power over areas of the Communities' budget, which were expanded to the whole budget in 1975.

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8. The European Parliament is the "first institution" of the EU, and shares equal legislative and budgetary powers with the Council (except in a few areas where the special legislative procedures apply).

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9. The European Parliament voted in favor of a single-use plastics ban and added its own amendments.

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