63 Facts About World Bank

1. The World Bank sells medium—and long-term bonds on global financial markets.

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2. In 1996, the World Bank made approximately 250 new loan commitments to low—and middle-income nations, for a total of $21.4 billion.

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3. World Bank has long helped countries improve trade practices to meet World Trade Organization rules, on the grounds that commerce facilitates development.

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4. The World Bank provides low-cost loans for projects around the world.

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5. The World Bank sells medium—and long-term bonds on global financial markets.

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6. In 1996, the World Bank made approximately 250 new loan commitments to low—and middle-income nations, for a total of $21.4 billion.

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7. The World Bank remains engaged with China and is able to see how new projects play out in this booming middle-income country.

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8. World Bank loans come with advisers and auditors who help implement bank-funded projects.

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9. World Bank is a well-funded, powerful Western institution with the mission of aiding developing countries.

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10. The World Bank is beginning to pay attention, organizing its own randomized studies.

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11. The World Bank tries to adapt itself to these considerations without giving up its basic goal".

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12. The World Bank has worked to enhance public sector accountability and transparency.

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13. The World Bank has worked to reform judicial institutions in the region.

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14. The World Bank placed particular emphasis on enhanced public sector management.

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15. World Bank loans, critics charged, supported authoritarian governments in the region.

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16. World Bank has become heavily involved in the promotion of public sector reform in Latin America.

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17. World Bank is working to preserve natural environments in Latin America.

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18. The World Bank has targeted its loans toward indigenous and Afro-Latino communities in the region.

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19. The World Bank has supported education reform projects in Brazil, Guatemala, and Uruguay.

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20. The World Bank sponsored large-scale projects in public utilities, transportation (roads, railways, airports, and maritime ports), and communications (telephone services).

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21. World Bank has a number of affiliated institutions, which together are referred to as the World Bank Group.

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22. The World Bank sells medium—and long-term bonds on global financial markets.

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23. The World Bank receives repayment of principal on previously extended loans and generates earnings through various investments.

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24. The World Bank has a twenty-four-member Board of Executive Directors who are responsible for day-to-day operations.

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25. The World Bank plays an especially important role in the social and economic progress of Latin American nations.

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26. World Bank is related to the United Nations, but it is not directly accountable to it.

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27. World Bank is headquartered in Washington, DC It is administered by a board of governors and a group of executive directors.

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28. World Bank offers advisory services to countries seeking to reform their banking and finance systems.

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29. World Bank made its first, general reconstruction loans to France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Luxembourg in 1947.

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30. In 1996, the World Bank made approximately 250 new loan commitments to low—and middle-income nations, for a total of $21.4 billion.

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31. President of the World Bank is the president of the entire World Bank Group.

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32. World Bank announced that he will resign effective 1 February 2019.

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33. The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group.

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34. The World Bank produces many influential research reports and has affiliates which back private companies investing in poor countries.

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35. World Bank was set up in 1944 with a charter to drive post-World War II reconstruction.

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36. In 2010, the World Bank launched a new Open Data website.

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37. World Bank provides a wealth of downloadable data for more than 200 countries.

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38. World Bank has more than 10,000 employees from over 160 countries.

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39. World Bank is an international organization that helps emerging market countries reduce poverty.

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40. World Bank is one of five institutions started at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944.

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41. The World Bank gets most of its money by selling bonds to international capital markets, governments and central banks.

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42. World Bank maintains a low public profile and so manages to escape the scathing criticism levelled at its sister agency, the International Monetary Fund.

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43. World Bank is an organization that gives out loans and grants to countries in need.

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44. World Bank provides its member countries with over $30 billion each year.

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45. The World Bank gives out grants, which are like loans, but the money doesn't have to be paid back.

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46. In 1946, the World Bank opened with 38 member countries.

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47. In 1999, the IMF and the World Bank launched the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper approach as a key component in the process leading to debt relief under the HIPC Initiative and an important anchor in concessional lending by the Fund and the Bank.

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48. In 1996, the World Bank made approximately 250 new loan commitments to low—and middle-income nations, for a total of $21.4 billion.

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49. The World Bank provides loans while other UN agencies generally provide grants.

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50. The World Bank has worked with the Gates Foundation on sanitation for the past two and a half years, and has committed US$10 billion to water and sanitation services over the past 25 years.

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51. The World Bank has launched the World Development Indicators portal, which hosts nearly 1,600 indicators across 217 economies.

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52. World Bank said the grant is part of the $9M pledge by South Korea to support the Regional Scholarship and Innovation Fund aimed at building world class capacity in science and technology across Africa.

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53. World Bank sings the aria "Hazam, hazam", which has become a second national anthem expressing the yearning for independence and national identity at a time when Hungarians were struggling for them.

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54. World Bank already analyzes the greenhouse gases associated with its Carbon Finance Unit investments, which include projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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55. World Bank favored PricewaterhouseCoopers as a consultant in a bid for privatizing the water distribution in Delhi, India.

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56. World Bank requires sovereign immunity from countries it deals with.

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57. World Bank has long been criticized by non-governmental organizations, such as the indigenous rights group Survival International, and academics, including its former Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz, Henry Hazlitt and Ludwig Von Mises.

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58. World Bank hosts the Open Knowledge Repository as an official open access repository for its research outputs and knowledge products.

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59. The World Bank is currently engaging a solicitor in Thailand to process all documentation in order to obtain this legal status.

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60. In 2010 voting powers at the World Bank were revised to increase the voice of developing countries, notably China.

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61. In 2000 the bank announced a "war on AIDS" and in 2011 the World Bank joined the Stop Tuberculosis Partnership.

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62. The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, an American.

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63. World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund.

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