14 Facts About AM radio


AM broadcasting is AM radio broadcasting using amplitude modulation transmissions.

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AM radio remained the dominant method of broadcasting for the next 30 years, a period called the "Golden Age of Radio", until television broadcasting became widespread in the 1950s and received most of the programming previously carried by radio.

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Subsequently, AM radio's audiences have greatly shrunk due to competition from FM radio, Digital Audio Broadcasting, satellite radio, HD radio, Internet radio, music streaming services, and podcasting.

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People who weren't around in the Twenties when AM radio exploded can't know what it meant, this milestone for mankind.

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The original spark-gap AM radio transmitters were impractical for transmitting audio, since they produced discontinuous pulses known as "damped waves".

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AM radio later reported that, in the fall of 1900, he successfully transmitted speech over a distance of about 1.

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AM radio offered the highest sound quality available in a home audio device prior to the introduction of the high-fidelity, long-playing record in the late 1940s.

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The transistor AM radio became the most widely used communication device in history, with billions manufactured by the 1970s.

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People who weren't around in the Twenties when AM radio exploded can't know what it meant, this milestone for mankind.

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One method for overcoming this limitation, as well as a method for sharing program costs, was to create AM radio networks, linking stations together with telephone lines to provide a nationwide audience.

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New forms were created, including AM radio plays, mystery serials, soap operas, quiz shows, variety hours, situation comedies and children's shows.

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The AM radio industry suffered a serious loss of audience and advertising revenue, and coped by developing new strategies.

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However, the simplicity of AM transmission makes it vulnerable to "static" created by both natural atmospheric electrical activity such as lightning, and electrical and electronic equipment, including fluorescent lights, motors and vehicle ignition systems.

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Microbroadcasting and pirate AM radio have generally been supplanted by streaming audio on the Internet, but some schools and hobbyists still use LPAM transmissions.

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