9 Facts About Sears

1. In May 2018 Sears announced it had formed a "special committee" to explore the sale of Kenmore.

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2. In July 2017, Sears announced it would close another 43 stores.

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3. In May 2017, Sears announced it would close 20 stores, including the last Sears store in Rhode Island, at Rhode Island Mall in Warwick.

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4. In February 2017, Sears announced a restructuring plan that it hoped would cut costs by US$1 billion, via selling more stores, cutting jobs and selling brands.

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5. In 2003, Sears opened a new concept store called Sears Grand.

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6. In 2003, Sears sold its retail credit card operation to Citibank.

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7. In 1974, Sears completed the 110-story Sears Tower in Chicago, which became the world's tallest building, a title it took from the former World Trade Center towers in New York.

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8. In 1863, Richard Warren Sears was born in Stewartville, Minnesota to a wealthy family, which moved to nearby Spring Valley.

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9. In 2018, Sears was the 31st-largest retailer in the United States.

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