43 Facts About Walmart

1. In 2011, Walmart added gender identity to their anti-discrimination policy.

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2. On January 15, 2016, Walmart announced that it would be closing 269 stores globally, including all 102 US Walmart Express stores, including those branded as Neighborhood Markets.

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3. On December 6, 2017, Walmart announced that it will change its corporate name to Walmart Inc from Wal-Mart Stores, Inc effective February 1, 2018.

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4. In 2009, Walmart sold more of bananas than any other item.

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5. On Oct 1, 1970, Walmart offered 300,000 shares of its common stock to the public at a price of $16.50 per share.

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6. In 2002, Walmart became the number-one company on the Fortune 500.

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7. In 2015, the closing of some Walmart stores fueled suspicion that they were somehow part of the Jade Helm conspiracy to take over the.

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8. In 2009, Walmart sold more bananas than any other item.

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9. In 2016, Walmart added full healthcare benefits to its transgender employees.

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10. In 2013, Walmart began offering health insurance benefits to domestic partners.

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11. In 2011, Walmart added gender identity to their antidiscrimination policy.

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12. In 2006, Walmart took steps to expand its US customer base, announcing a modification in its US stores from a "one-size-fits-all" merchandising strategy to one designed to "reflect each of six demographic groups—African-Americans, the affluent, empty-nesters, Hispanics, suburbanites, and rural residents.

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13. In 2004, Walmart responded by testing its own dollar store concept, a subsection of some stores called "Pennies-n-Cents.

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14. On September 15, 2017, Walmart announced that it would build a new headquarters in Bentonville to replace its current 1971 building and consolidate operations that have spread out to 20 different buildings throughout Bentonville.

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15. On February 15, 2017, Walmart acquired Moosejaw, an online active outdoor retailer, for approximately $51 million.

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16. In February 2010, Walmart agreed to buy Vudu, a Silicon Valley start-up whose online movie service is being built into an increasing number of televisions and Blu-ray players.

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17. In 2004, Walmart bought the 118stores in the Bompreco supermarket chain in northeastern Brazil.

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18. In July 2006, Walmart announced its withdrawal from Germany due to sustained losses.

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19. In October 2013, Bharti and Walmart separated to pursue business independently.

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20. In November 2012, Walmart admitted to spending million lobbying the Indian National Congress; lobbying is conventionally considered bribery in India.

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21. In Japan, Walmart owns 100 percent of Seiyu as of 2008.

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22. In February 2012, Walmart announced that the company raised its stake to 51 percent in Chinese online supermarket Yihaodian to tap rising consumer wealth and help the company offer more products.

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23. In May 2018, Walmart announced plans to sell Asda to rival Sainsburys for $10.1 billion.

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24. In May 2016, Walmart announced a change to ShippingPass, its three-day shipping service, and that it will move from a three-day delivery to two-day delivery to remain competitive with Amazon.

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25. In 2008, Walmart started a pilot program in the small grocery store concept called Marketside in the metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, area.

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26. In September 2006, Walmart announced a pilot program to sell generic drugs at $4per prescription.

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27. In 2009, Walmart opened "Mas Club", a warehouse retail operation patterned after Sam's Club.

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28. In 2009, another Supermercado de Walmart opened in Phoenix, Arizona.

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29. In 1990, Walmart opened its first Bud's Discount City location in Bentonville.

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30. In September 2018, Walmart partnered with comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to launch a new brand of women's apparel and accessories called EV1.

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31. In March 2018, Walmart announced that it is producing its own brand of meal kits in all of its stores that is priced under Blue Apron designed to serve two people.

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32. On September 29, 2017, Walmart acquired Parcel, a technology-based, same-day and last-mile delivery company in Brooklyn.

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33. On June 16, 2017, Walmart agreed to acquire the men's apparel company Bonobos for $310 million in an effort to expand its fashion holdings.

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34. On October 19, 2016, Walmart announced it would partner with IBM and Tsinghua University to track the pork supply chain in China using blockchain.

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35. On January 15, 2016, Walmart announced it would close 269 stores in 2016, affecting 16,000 workers.

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36. In 2015, Walmart was the biggest US commercial producer of solar power with 142 MW capacity, and had 17 energy storage projects.

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37. On November 14, 2012, Walmart launched its first mail subscription service called Goodies.

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38. On March 20, 2009, Walmart announced that it was paying a combined million in bonuses to every full and part-time hourly worker.

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39. On June 30, 2008, Walmart removed the hyphen from its logo and replaced the star with a Spark symbol that resembles a sunburst, flower, or star.

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40. On September 12, 2007, Walmart introduced new advertising with the slogan, "Save money.

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41. In 2006, Walmart announced that it would remodel its US stores to help it appeal to a wider variety of demographics, including more affluent shoppers.

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42. In 2005, Walmart reported billion in sales, more than 6,200 facilities around the world—including 3,800 stores in the United States and 2,800 elsewhere, employing more than 1.6million associates.

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43. In 1998, Walmart introduced the Neighborhood Market concept with three stores in Arkansas.

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