48 Facts About Burger King

1. Burger King has historically used several variations of franchising to expand its operations.

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2. Burger King hires temporary summer interns and offers a work-study program for students.

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3. In 1996 Burger King began aggressive expansion into Japan when it teamed up in a joint venture with Japan Tobacco Inc The target market was teenagers with free time and extra cash.

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4. Burger King plans to further develop in all areas, but anticipates considerable growth in the Middle East.

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5. Burger King hoped to attract customers to the nostalgic American decor of the restaurants.

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6. Burger King establishes the Welfare-to-Work program with assistance from the White House.

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7. Burger King adapted regionally by observing local food customs, such as complying with the kosher rules in Israel.

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8. Burger King continues to expand internationally at a steady rate.

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9. Burger King takes an active interest in the improvement of inner cities.

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10. Burger King is the largest fast food franchisor participating in this program.

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11. Burger King considers advertising an important element of its success and has used memorable campaigns such as "Have It Your Way" and "We Do It Like You'd Do It.

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12. Burger King was forced to pull its $30 million introductory ad campaign.

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13. Burger King became the first chain to offer dining rooms.

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14. Burger King had one of the most expensive recalls in history after a 13 month old girl suffocated on a Poke Ball that was included with Kids' meals.

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15. In 2009, Burger King launched a campaign that if you unfriended 10 friends on Facebook, you were entitled to a free whopper.

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16. In October 2006, Burger King announced that it would be releasing three video games for the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles, starring The King and other mascots such as the Subservient Chicken.

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17. In 2009, the Burger King advertised a Kid's Meal cross-promotion with SpongeBob to the tune of "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-lot.

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18. In July 2007, The Burger King appeared in several commercials promoting The Simpsons Movie as a Simpsons series character complete with the show's typical traits of four fingers, yellow skin and an overbite.

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19. In September 2006, Burger King began reusing the animated King character known as Kurger Bing from the late 1960s and early 1970s on its cups, bags and in non-tie-in kids' advertising.

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20. Burger King entered the fragrance world in 2008, marketing the meat-scented cologne called Flame.

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21. Burger King is one of the biggest burger brands in the world, holding its own against the mighty McDonalds.

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22. In 1957, Burger King introduced the Whopper, which would go on to become the company's signature product.

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23. Burger King has always found itself in the middle of some sort of controversy.

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24. In 1992 Burger King started offering table service at its restaurants.

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25. Burger King seems like it would be a major part of Americana.

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26. Burger King was founded in the 1950s by entrepreneurs James McLamore and David R Edgerton, based on an earlier chain.

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27. Burger King was the first to team up with a movie to get publicized, and the movie is "Star Wars.

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28. Burger King launched the promotion with a video showing people trying to pick up their Whoppers at McDonald's drive-through windows.

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29. Burger King offers penny Whopper deal, but you have to go to McDonald's first.

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30. Burger King is lovin' it right in its biggest competitors face.

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31. Burger King has pulled the ultimate power move on its rival.

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32. Burger King shared a video explaining how to order the Whopper sandwich on its US Twitter profile.

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33. Burger King is cooking up fresh beef with fast food rival McDonald's in a creative way to make customers download its app.

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34. Burger King wants you to order a Whopper for a penny.

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35. Burger King is giving away 1-cent Whoppers, but you have to visit McDonald's first.

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36. Burger King continued to troll McDonald's in its print and online messages for the campaign.

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37. Burger King is going to the dogs and giving away free flame-grilled dog bones.

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38. Burger King released a promotional video to coincide with the marketing ploy.

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39. Burger King is coined "the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world.

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40. Burger King is offering penny Whoppers to customers, but you'll have prank one of their competitors to get it.

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41. Burger King offering penny Whoppers to customers who troll McDonald's.

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42. On Tuesday, Burger King announced that if customers go within 600 feet of a McDonald's location, they can order a Whopper for.

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43. Burger King introduced the first attack ad in the fast food industry with a pre-teen Sarah Michelle Gellar in 1981.

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44. Since its foundation in 1954, Burger King has employed varied advertising programs, both successful and unsuccessful.

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45. Burger King has two of its own in-house national charitable organizations and programs.

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46. In each of these regions, Burger King has established several subsidiaries to develop strategic partnerships and alliances to expand into new territories.

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47. Burger King is headquartered in a nine-story office tower by the Miami International Airport in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida.

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48. Burger King is an American global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

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