29 Facts About Indiana

1. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th state on December 11, 1816.

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2. The largest immigrant group to settle in Indiana were Germans, as well as many immigrants from Ireland and England.

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3. Indiana was the first western state to mobilize for the United States in the war, and soldiers from Indiana participated in all the war's major engagements.

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4. In 1861, Indiana was assigned a quota of 7,500 men to join the Union Army.

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5. The only Civil War conflicts fought in Indiana were the Newburgh Raid, a bloodless capture of the city; and the Battle of Corydon, which occurred during Morgan's Raid leaving 15 dead, 40 wounded, and 355 captured.

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6. Early decades of the 20th century saw Indiana develop into a leading manufacturing state with heavy industry concentrating in the north.

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7. Indiana is bordered on the north by Michigan, on the east by Ohio, and on the west by Illinois, partially separated by the Wabash River.

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8. Average altitude of Indiana is about 760 feet above sea level.

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9. Central Indiana is mainly flat with some low rolling hills and soil composed of glacial sands, gravel and clay, which results in exceptional farmland.

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10. Northern Indiana is similar, except for the presence of higher and hillier terminal moraines and hundreds of kettle lakes.

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11. Southern Indiana is characterized by valleys and rugged, hilly terrain, contrasting with much of the state.

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12. Major river systems in Indiana include the Whitewater, White, Blue, Wabash, St Joseph, and Maumee rivers.

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13. Indiana is one of 13 US states that are divided into more than one time zone.

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14. Indiana is home to the Benedictine St Meinrad Archabbey, one of two Catholic archabbeys in the United States and 11 in the world.

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15. From 1880 to 1924, a resident of Indiana was included in all but one presidential election.

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16. Indiana was one of only ten states to support Republican Wendell Willkie in 1940.

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17. Indiana is home to several current and former military installations.

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18. Indiana developed a reputation as the "American heartland" after the publication of several widely read novels, beginning with Booth Tarkington's The Gentleman from Indiana, Meredith Nicholson's The Hoosiers (1900), and Thompson's Alice of Old Vincennes (1900).

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19. Indiana is host to a major unlimited hydroplane racing power boat race circuits in the major H1 Unlimited league, the Madison Regatta.

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20. Indiana went on to lead the Boston Celtics to the NBA championship in 1981, 1984, and 1986.

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21. Indiana was home to two charter members of the National Football League teams, the Hammond Pros and the Muncie Flyers.

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22. In 2016, Indiana was home to seven Fortune 500 companies with a combined $142.5billion in revenue.

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23. Indiana is one of six US states to not allow a line-item veto.

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24. Major US Interstate highways in Indiana are I-64, I-65, I-265, I-465, I-865, I-69, I-469, I-70, I-74, I-80, I-90, I-94, and I-275.

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25. Indiana allows highways of different classifications to have the same number.

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26. Indiana is implementing an extensive rail plan prepared in 2002 by the Parsons Corporation.

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27. About half of all college students in Indiana are enrolled in state-supported four-year schools.

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28. The International Union Of Operating Engineers has seven local unions in Indiana, offering apprenticeship and training opportunities.

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29. State's community college system, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana, serves nearly 200,000 students annually, making it the state's largest public post-secondary educational institution and the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system.

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