15 Facts About Evansville


The University of Evansville is a private school on the city's east side, while the University of Southern Indiana is a larger public institution just outside the city's westside limits.

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The land encompassing Evansville was formally relinquished by the Delaware in 1805 to General William Henry Harrison, then governor of the Indiana Territory.

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City of Evansville, Indiana was founded in 1812 and incorporated in 1817.

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The Evansville Shipyard was the nation's largest inland producer of LSTs.

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The largest industry sectors in size in Evansville are healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing.

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Deaconess Health System and St Vincent Evansville, including the Deaconess Gateway and Women's Hospital just outside city limits, provide the anchors for a health care system that are among the region's largest employers.

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City of Evansville offers a tax structure for companies locating inside the Evansville urban enterprise zone.

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University of Evansville maintains a theater program, which features four mainstage and two studio productions a year.

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The Evansville Otters are a professional baseball team in the Frontier League and have played at Bosse Field since 1995.

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The Evansville Thunderbolts are a minor league professional ice hockey team in the Southern Professional Hockey League and play at the Ford Center.

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The Evansville Coliseum is home to the WFTDA league, the Demolition City Roller Derby.

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From 1957 to 1975, and then again in 2002 and 2014, Evansville hosted the NCAA Men's Division II Basketball Championship .

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The University of Evansville is a small, private, Methodist affiliated university with approximately 3,050 students.

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Indiana University School of Medicine - Evansville opened in 2018 in a new interdisciplinary academic health science education and research campus downtown in partnership with the University of Southern Indiana and the University of Evansville.

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In 2012, Evansville was featured on the British television program Supersize vs Superskinny because of a poll that ranked the residents of the city as the most obese in the United States.

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