40 Facts About South Bend


South Bend is a city in and the county seat of St Joseph County, Indiana, on the St Joseph River near its southernmost bend, from which it derives its name.

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Today, the largest industries in South Bend are health care, education, small business, and tourism.

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The South Bend area was popular because its portage was the shortest overland route from the St Joseph River to the Kankakee River.

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In 1831, South Bend was laid out as the county seat and as one of the four original townships of St Joseph County with 128 residents.

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South Bend compiled a complete index of South Bend's real estate records.

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South Bend was a member of the state constitutional convention of 1850, at which he opposed the barring of African American migration to Indiana.

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South Bend joined the Republican Party, like many Whigs of his day, and was elected to Congress in 1855, becoming Speaker of the House in 1863 during the administration of Abraham Lincoln.

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South Bend benefited from its location on the Michigan Road, the main north–south artery of northern Indiana in the 19th century.

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South Bend was the first community in the United States to have an electrified trolley system .

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The South Bend Shore line still runs daily to and from Chicago and is a major freight carrier in the area.

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South Bend has seen new development, particularly in the tech field, a decline in unemployment, and a renewal of the downtown area under Buttigieg's tenure, which has been described as a revival and South Bend as a 'turnaround city'.

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South Bend is located on the north–south continental divide, and the river flows northwest into Lake Michigan.

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South Bend has a humid continental climate, with a Koppen climate classification of Dfa.

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Lake Michigan exerts a great influence on the climate of South Bend, including lake effect snow in winter and a tendency to moderate temperatures year round.

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South Bend chose South Bend primarily because it was on a rail line midway between Chicago and Detroit, the two automotive manufacturing centers of the United States at the time.

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The South Bend Metronet, named Zing, is bringing more high-tech firms to the city and surrounding area.

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In 2015, the City of South Bend announced it would provide free wireless internet access via the Metronet in the city's downtown and East Bank areas.

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South Bend was ranked among the 40 hottest real estate markets for business by Expansion Management magazine, and Smart+Connected Communities Institute featured South Bend as one of the top ten cities worldwide that is reinventing themselves through technology.

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South Bend was influenced by a large influx of Polish Catholic immigrants in the late 19th century.

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Proceeds from the festival are given to the Pangani Foundation of South Bend, which provides medical supplies to hospitals in Malawi.

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In 2013, a new annual festival began in South Bend called South by South Bend, named after the famous South By Southwest of Austin, Texas.

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In 2015, the festival was renamed Sounds by South Bend, to avoid confusion with the Austin festival and to more accurately represent the purpose of the event.

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The former South Bend mansion of Clement Studebaker, named Tippecanoe Place, is a restaurant.

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In 2010, Indiana University South Bend re-opened the building, and now offers tours and events focusing on the histories of civil rights and the experiences of African Americans, Latinos, and LGBTQ people in South Bend.

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South Bend is home to The South Bend Hot Patooties, a group that performs a shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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The group has performed at various South Bend venues including the State Theater, Legends of Notre Dame, The Potawatomi Conservatories, and the historic Birdsell Mansion.

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South Bend is home to the first artificial whitewater center in North America, the East Race Waterway, adjacent to Century Center.

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Blackthorn Golf Course in South Bend is home to the Four Winds Invitational of the Symetra Tour.

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In 2007, the greenhouses and conservatories were in danger of closing due to increased operating costs, but a campaign by the Botanical Society of South Bend was able to raise funds to keep the facilities operating.

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South Bend is represented in the Indiana House of Representatives by Maureen Bauer, Jake Teshka, and Ryan Dvorak, and in the Indiana State Senate by David L Niezgodski.

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All members of the Indiana General Assembly representing South Bend are Democrats, except Jake Teshka, who is a Republican.

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Police force in South Bend has undergone many changes and expansions in its history, starting in 1831 when the first constables were appointed.

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Additionally, the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend operates 11 parochial grade schools and one high school in South Bend.

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South Bend is served by the St Joseph County Public Library with a Main Library, and branches in Francis, German, and Lasalle townships.

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South Bend is home to over 100 places of worship, including mostly Christian churches, three synagogues, and one mosque.

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The South Bend Tribune is owned by GateHouse Media, part of the Gannett system, which publishes 156 daily newspapers in 39 states.

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South Bend was a town along the intrastate Michigan Road.

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Electricity in South Bend is provided by Indiana Michigan Power, a subsidiary of American Electric Power.

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In 2008, in order to increase the efficiency of its sewer system, South Bend began the installation of an array of intelligent sensors and valves allowing it to become the first city to migrate its sewer system management to the cloud.

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In 2015, South Bend engaged in a partnership with the University of Notre Dame to revitalize the Bowman Creek ecosystem.

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