37 Facts About Boston Celtics

1. The Boston Celtics were able to take down two of the NBA's more explosive teams in the Milwaukee Bucks and Oklahoma City Thunder.

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2. The Boston Celtics had been winners of four consecutive games prior to their five-game road trip.

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3. The Boston Celtics finished off their trip in Utah and Portland, two teams expected to be fighting for not only a playoff spot in the West but home-court advantage.

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4. The Boston Celtics avenged an early-season loss to the Toronto Raptors in a battle between two of the elite teams in the conference.

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5. The Boston Celtics have shown flashes of brilliance early in the campaign, including Friday's.

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6. The Boston Celtics wore a black band for reasons not related to the franchise, such as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and the death of Isaiah Thomas' younger sister during the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

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7. From 2005 to 2017, the Boston Celtics wore alternate green uniforms with black lettering and trim featuring the word "Boston" on the front side.

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8. In January 2017, the Boston Celtics signed a multi-year deal with General Electric where they became the "exclusive Data and Analytics partner" for the team.

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9. Boston Celtics have an NBA record 17 Championships including 8 in a row, and 11 championships in 13 years.

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10. Boston Celtics were once rivals of the New Jersey Nets during the early 2000s due to their respective locations and their burgeoning stars.

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11. The Boston Celtics were swept by the second seeded Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round.

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12. On July 3, 2013, the Boston Celtics announced that Brad Stevens, the head coach of Butler University, would replace Doc Rivers as head coach.

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13. In the playoffs, the Boston Celtics faced the Atlanta Hawks in the first round, beating them in six games led by strong play from Pierce and Garnett.

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14. The Boston Celtics would end up making the playoffs as the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference in the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

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15. The Boston Celtics defeated the Detroit Pistons in six games of the Eastern Conference Finals, winning two road games.

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16. The Boston Celtics selected Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo, who was to become a key piece in the team's revival.

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17. The Boston Celtics made the playoffs, only to be swept in the first round by the Indiana Pacers, losing all 4 games by blowout margins.

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18. In return, the Boston Celtics received the often-injured Raef LaFrentz, Chris Mills, Jiri Welsch, and a first-round pick in 2004.

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19. Boston Celtics received the third and sixth draft picks in the 1997 NBA draft, and used the picks to select a brand new backcourt through Chauncey Billups and Ron Mercer.

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20. In 1995, the Boston Celtics moved from the Boston Garden to the Fleet Center.

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21. The Boston Celtics made the playoffs, losing to the heavily favored Orlando Magic in 4 games.

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22. The Boston Celtics signed aging Dominique Wilkins as a free agent, who led the team in scoring with 17.8 PPG.

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23. The Boston Celtics honored his memory by retiring his number 35.

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24. In the playoffs the Boston Celtics collapsed after winning the first two games in a best-of-five series against the New York Knicks, losing 3 straight, including the decisive fifth game at Boston Garden.

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25. In 1988, the Boston Celtics lost in six games to future champion Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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26. Boston Celtics won the second pick in the 1986 NBA draft after a remarkably poor year by the Seattle Supersonics, whose draft pick rights had been included in the 1984 trade of Gerald Henderson.

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27. The Boston Celtics defeated the Houston Rockets in the NBA Finals in six games, the franchise's 16th championship and last of the 20th century.

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28. In 1985, the Lakers and Boston Celtics met again in the championship round, with the Lakers winning.

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29. In 1983 the Boston Celtics were swept in the playoffs for the first time by the Milwaukee Bucks; afterward Fitch resigned and the team was sold to new owners led by Don Gaston.

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30. Boston Celtics owned two of the top eight picks in the 1978 NBA draft.

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31. The Boston Celtics returned to the playoffs the next year, defeating the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals in 1974 for their 12th NBA Championship.

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32. In 1964, the Boston Celtics became the first NBA team to have an all African-American starting lineup.

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33. In 1959, the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship after sweeping the Minneapolis Lakers, the first of their record eight consecutive championships.

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34. One of the first great players to join the Boston Celtics was Bob Cousy, whom Auerbach initially refused to draft out of nearby Holy Cross because he was "too flashy.

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35. Boston Celtics struggled during their early years, until the hiring of coach Red Auerbach.

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36. In 1950, the Boston Celtics signed Chuck Cooper, becoming the first NBA franchise to draft a black player.

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37. Boston Celtics are an American professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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