29 Facts About Miami Heat


Miami Heat are an American professional basketball team based in Miami.

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The Miami Heat compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Southeast Division.

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In 2010, the Miami Heat signed reigning league MVP LeBron James and NBA All-Star Chris Bosh, creating the "Big Three" along with Wade.

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The Miami Heat began their early years with much mediocrity, only making the playoffs two times in their first eight years and falling in the first round both times.

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Miami Heat had previously been home to the Miami Heat Floridians of the American Basketball Association from 1968 to 1972.

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The Miami Heat would go on to lose Game 7 at home despite Wade's return.

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The Miami Heat then won the next four games, capturing its first-ever championship.

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The Miami Heat reached the 2011 NBA Finals for the first time since 2006, in a rematch against the Dallas Mavericks.

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Miami Heat became the first Eastern Conference team to reach the NBA Finals in three straight years since the Chicago Bulls in the late 1990s.

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Miami Heat lost Game 1 of the Finals on their home floor in a close game that was decided by a last-minute buzzer beater by Tony Parker.

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The Miami Heat captured the NBA title for a second year in a row, becoming the first team in the Eastern Conference to repeat as league champions since the late 1990s Chicago Bulls.

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The Miami Heat went to a fourth consecutive Finals, and faced the Spurs again.

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Miami Heat had qualified for the playoffs for six consecutive seasons.

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At the 2015 NBA draft lottery, the Miami Heat were awarded the 10th pick for the 2015 NBA draft, which was used to select Duke forward Justise Winslow.

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In September 2016, Bosh failed his physical exam with the Miami Heat and was not cleared by the team to participate in training camp.

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From 2008 to 2014, the Miami Heat wore a modified version of their black uniforms, featuring the wordmark "El Miami Heat"; a sleeved version was used in 2014.

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In 2014, the Miami Heat wore a variation of their home uniform, featuring their primary logo and centered numbers in front, and black nameplates with the player's first name below the number at the back.

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Miami Heat's 2021 "Earned" uniform marked the first time the team used yellow as a base color; previously it was only utilized as an accent color on the logo and uniforms.

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Rivalry between the New York Knicks and the expansion Miami Heat was a result of their four consecutive playoff series from 1997 to 2000.

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Rivalry with the Chicago Bulls began once the Miami Heat became contenders during the 1990s, a decade dominated by the Bulls and Michael Jordan.

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Rivalry has intensified with the resurgence of the Bulls, and the emergence of Derrick Rose and the Miami Heat re-signing Dwyane Wade with newly acquired superstars in Chris Bosh and LeBron James .

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Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat had a rivalry because both teams are located in Florida, thus the rivalry was known as the Sunshine State rivalry.

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The rivalry would continue in the following season, where the Miami Heat again took home-court advantage over the Celtics, though Boston again won the season series over the Miami Heat.

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Notably, it was after the Miami Heat lost to the Pacers that they compiled a 27-game winning streak; the last time the Miami Heat lost two in a row in the year were the games against Indiana and Portland.

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In Game 3, the Miami Heat set a team record for points in a postseason half with 70.

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The Miami Heat cruised through the Playoffs without much competition, eliminating every team – the Philadelphia 76ers, defending Eastern Conference champions Boston Celtics and the top-seeded Chicago Bulls all five games.

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Miami Heat elevated assistant coach Stan Van Gundy as his replacement.

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Miami Heat spearheaded Miami's 2005 campaign, where they held the top seed in the east, swept their first two playoff opponents and made it to the Conference Finals.

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Miami Heat's hand-picked replacement, longtime assistant Erik Spoelstra, is the current Heat head coach, a position he has held since 2008.

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