24 Facts About Houston Rockets

1. The Houston Rockets are a member of the NBA's Western Conference Southwest Division, founded in 1967 as the San Diego Rockets before its move to Texas.

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2. Carmelo Anthony and the Houston Rockets are breaking up after just 10 games in Houston.

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3. The Houston Rockets have won three straight and six of their last eight games.

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4. Houston Rockets 'parting ways' with Anthony Carmelo Anthony is done in Houston.

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5. The Houston Rockets are parting ways with forward Carmelo Anthony, the team announced Thursday.

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6. The Houston Rockets are parting ways with Carmelo Anthony, the team announced Wednesday.

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7. The Houston Rockets released a statement on Anthony, saying both sides are trying to plot their next course of action.

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8. The Houston Rockets are in the midst of a mini crisis right now.

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9. James Harden helps Houston Rockets beat Nuggets with 22 points, 11 assists.

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10. Houston Rockets coaches, players think Carmelo Anthony is on his way out.

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11. The Houston Rockets will be without Carmelo Anthony for Sunday's game against the Indiana Pacers and apparently for the majority of the season.

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12. The Houston Rockets had a slow start when they first debuted, winning only 15 games in the season.

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13. The Houston Rockets lost twice to the Mavericks, while beating them once.

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14. In 1995, the Houston Rockets debuted Clutch the Bear as a second mascot, a large teddy bear-like mascot that performs a variety of acts during the games.

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15. In 2009, the Houston Rockets invoked the championship years with an alternate red uniform, featuring gold numbers and side stripes.

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16. When the Houston Rockets debuted in San Diego, their colors were green and gold.

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17. In the playoffs, the Houston Rockets faced the sixth seeded Oklahoma City Thunder in a battle of the MVP frontrunners, as the winner was not announced until after the finals.

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18. At that time, the Houston Rockets set an NBA record for best record by a team with no All-Stars.

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19. The Houston Rockets missed the 2003 playoffs by one game, improving their record by 15 victories.

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20. In 1968, after the Houston Rockets won a coin toss against the Baltimore Bullets to determine who would have the first overall pick in the 1968 NBA draft, they selected Elvin Hayes from the University of Houston.

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21. The Houston Rockets lost 67 games in their inaugural season, which was an NBA record for losses in a season at the time.

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22. Houston Rockets acquired all-star forward Charles Barkley in 1996, but the presence of three of the NBA's 50 greatest players of all-time was not enough to propel Houston past the Western Conference Finals.

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23. In the 1968 NBA draft, the Houston Rockets, picking first overall, selected power forward Elvin Hayes, who would lead the team to its first playoff appearance in his rookie season.

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24. Houston Rockets won only 15 games in their debut season as a franchise in 1967.

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