59 Facts About James Harden

1. James Harden continues to roll up eye-popping numbers as he went off for his 20th 40-point effort of the season against the Suns on Monday.

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2. Houston Rockets guard James Harden has scored 30 points or more in the last 26 games, good for the third longest streak in league history.

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3. James Harden gave a dying team CPR while everyone else, quite literally, stood around and watched.

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4. James Harden has scored at least 35 points in 11 consecutive games, the fifth-longest streak in NBA history.

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5. James Harden hit a leaning 3-pointer with 1:05 remaining to get to 30 points for the 25th consecutive game, tied for the third-longest such streak in NBA history with Wilt Chamberlain, who is the only player to surpass it.

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6. James Harden was just 11-of-32 shooting as the team shot 39.6 percent from the field.

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7. James Harden will look to keep up his insane run when the Rockets host the Raptors on Friday night in Houston.

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8. James Harden scores 61 points in which every single one was unassisted.

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9. James Harden has scored at least 56 points three times over the last nine days.

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10. James Harden has scored more than 1,000 points over his last 25 games.

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11. James Harden is the first player to score at least 55 points three times in a calendar month since Wilt Chamberlain did so in 1963.

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12. James Harden is averaging 52.2 points over his last five games.

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13. James Harden was already on an unbelievable run over the last five weeks, and then Wednesday night happened.

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14. James Harden is the only NBA player other than Wilt Chamberlain to score 30-plus points in 20 consecutive games.

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15. James Harden is the second youngest player in NBA history to win the NBA Sixth Man of the Year award.

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16. James Harden has since emerged as a perennial MVP candidate, thanks in part to the sort of play that produced a record-setting 60-point triple-double in January 2018.

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17. Houston Rockets guard James Harden reacts after scoring against the Orlando Magic during the first half of an NBA basketball game at Toyota Center on Sunday, Jan 27, 2019, in Houston.

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18. James Harden has more ISO plays than any team has run this season.

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19. James Harden had gone six games without scoring coming off an assist.

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20. James Harden was 11-of-32 from the floor and 6-of-18 from 3-point range.

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21. James Harden finished with 37 points on Tuesday night, extending his 30-point scoring streak to a remarkable 24 games.

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22. James Harden went for 37 points to extend his 30-point streak to 24 games, but the Rockets lost to the Pelicans.

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23. James Harden started growing his trademark beard in 2009 after being too lazy to shave.

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24. James Harden was a candidate for the 2016 Olympics, but he withdrew from the team.

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25. James Harden was a member of the United States national team that won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics, and was a member of the team that won the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2014.

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26. James Harden made eight 3-pointers to extend his NBA record to 12 games in a row with at least five.

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27. James Harden became the first NBA player to score 50 or more in consecutive games since Kobe Bryant did so in four straight in March 2007.

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28. On July 8, 2017, James Harden signed a four-year contract extension with the Rockets for approximately $160 million, giving him a total six-year deal with $228 million guaranteed—the richest contract in NBA history.

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29. James Harden placed second in league MVP voting to former teammate Westbrook.

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30. On July 9, 2016, James Harden signed a four-year, $118.1 million contract extension with the Rockets.

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31. In Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals, James Harden had a forgettable finale, with a playoff-record 13 turnovers and 14 points on 2-of-11 shooting.

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32. James Harden helped the Rockets win their first division title since 1994 and clinched the No 2 seed in the Western Conference.

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33. James Harden topped that mark with 51 points against the Kings on April 1, 2015.

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34. James Harden tied that mark with 45 points against the Trail Blazers on February 8, 2015.

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35. James Harden became the first Rockets player ever to pick up Player of the Week honors in consecutive weeks in the same season.

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36. James Harden was twice named Western Conference Player of the Week during the season, both coming in consecutive weeks.

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37. James Harden was selected by the head coaches as a reserve for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, which marked his second consecutive All-Star selection.

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38. James Harden surpassed Moses Malone's team mark for free throws made in a season, joining Malone as the only two Rockets players to ever reach 600 free throws made in a single season.

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39. James Harden became just the fourth NBA player in the last 25 years to post those totals in a single game and matched the third-highest point total for any NBA player in his team debut.

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40. On October 31, 2012, James Harden signed a contract extension with the Rockets for five years worth $80 million.

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41. James Harden scored in double-figures in all but four of his appearances during the season.

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42. James Harden posted a season-high 26 points against the Golden State Warriors on December 7, 2009.

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43. James Harden had 34 points in the victory over a DC Assault team which included Michael Beasley, Nolan Smith and Austin Freeman.

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44. James Harden is a two-time member of the United States national basketball team, winning gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2014 FIBA World Cup.

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45. James Harden is a seven-time NBA All-Star, and has earned All-NBA Team honors five times, including four times to the first team.

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46. James Harden was selected with the third overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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47. James Harden played college basketball for Arizona State, where he was named a consensus All-American and Pac-10 Player of the Year in 2009.

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48. James Harden scores 22 points and dishes out 11 assists as the Rockets get the win over the Nuggets.

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49. James Harden leads Rockets over Warriors with 27 points in easy win.

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50. James Harden has always been known for giving good bonuses according to Sports Gossip.

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51. James Harden had 11 assists, with several going to Clint Capela, who led the Rockets.

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52. James Harden helps Rockets beat Nuggets with 22 points, 11 assists.

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53. James Harden will not play on Friday against the Nets.

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54. James Harden has worked out without discomfort but the Rockets are playing on back-to-back.

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55. James Harden is unlikely to be cleared for Friday's game vs Brooklyn.

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56. On January 19, 2015, James Harden set a new season high with 45 points against the Indiana Pacers.

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57. James Harden had one of the greatest statistical seasons in team history in his first campaign with Houston.

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58. James Harden helped the Thunder reach the 2012 NBA Finals, where they were defeated in five games by the Miami Heat.

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59. James Harden is a two-time member of the United States national basketball team, winning gold medals in both the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2014 FIBA World Cup.

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