9 Facts About Kentucky

1. In recent years, several writers from Kentucky have published widely read and critically acclaimed books.

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2. Since that time, the "Welcome to Kentucky" signs at border areas have an "Unbridled Spirit" symbol on them.

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3. In 2014, Kentucky was found to be the most affordable US state in which to live.

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4. Early in its history Kentucky gained recognition for its excellent farming conditions.

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5. The number of African Americans living in Kentucky declined during the 20th century.

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6. Center of population of Kentucky is located in Washington County, in the city of Willisburg.

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7. The most notable execution in Kentucky was that of Rainey Bethea on August 14, 1936.

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8. In general, Kentucky has relatively humid warm rainy summers, and moderately cold and snowy winters.

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9. One of the major regions in Kentucky is the Bluegrass Region in central Kentucky, which houses two of its major cities, Louisville and Lexington.

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