25 Facts About Kentucky

1. The vast majority of them moved to Kentucky, pushing the Kispoko east and war broke out with the Tutelo that pushed them deeper into Appalachia, where they merged with the Saponi and Moneton.

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2. Kentucky is subdivided into 120 counties, the largest being Pike County at 787.6 square miles, and the most populous being Jefferson County (which coincides with the Louisville Metro governmental area) with 741,096 residents as of 2010.

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3. Two other fast-growing urban areas in Kentucky are the Bowling Green area and the "Tri-Cities Region" of southeastern Kentucky, comprising Somerset, London and Corbin.

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4. United States Census Bureau determined that the population of Kentucky was 4,505,836 in 2020, increasing since the 2010 United States census.

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5. The number of African Americans living in Kentucky declined during the 20th century.

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6. The Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is located on the campus of Georgetown College in Georgetown.

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7. Early in its history, Kentucky gained recognition for its excellent farming conditions.

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8. Kentucky contains two of the twenty US Federal Penitentiaries: USP Big Sandy and USP McCreary (in the south in McCreary County in the Daniel Boone National Forest).

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9. In 2014 Kentucky was found to be the most affordable US state in which to live.

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10. Until January 1, 2006, Kentucky imposed a tax on intangible personal property held by a taxpayer on January1 of each year.

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11. The resulting "Unbridled Spirit" brand was the result of a $500,000 contract with New West, a Kentucky-based public relations advertising and marketing firm, to develop a viable brand and tag line.

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12. Kentucky is served by six major Interstate highways, seven parkways, and six bypasses and spurs (I-165, I-169, I-264, I-265, I-275, and I-471).

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13. Kentucky is one of four US states to officially use the term commonwealth.

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14. Kentucky is one of only five states that elect their state officials in odd-numbered years.

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15. Kentucky holds elections for these offices every four years in the years preceding Presidential election years.

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16. Thus, Kentucky held gubernatorial elections in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

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17. The most notable execution in Kentucky was that of Rainey Bethea on August 14, 1936.

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18. Kentucky was part of the Democratic Solid South in the second half of the nineteenth century and through the majority of the twentieth century.

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19. Elliott County, Kentucky is notable for having held the longest streak of any county in the United States voting Democratic.

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20. Kentucky is one of the most anti-abortion states in the United States.

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21. Kentucky is more similar to the Upland South in terms of ancestry that is predominantly American.

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22. Kentucky adopted the Jim Crow system of racial segregation in most public spheres after the Civil War.

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23. Kentucky was home to Mildred and Patty Hill, the Louisville sisters credited with composing the tune to the ditty Happy Birthday to You in 1893; Loretta Lynn, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys, and Billy Ray Cyrus (Flatwoods).

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24. Kentucky is home to famed jazz musician and pioneer, Lionel Hampton.

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25. Kentucky is the home of several sports teams such as Minor League Baseball's Triple-A Louisville Bats and High-A Bowling Green Hot Rods.

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