23 Facts About West Virginia

1. West Virginia was a Republican trifecta, meaning that the Republican Party held the governorship and both chambers of the state.

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2. West Virginia is one of 11 states with a single appellate court.

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3. The Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia is the busiest appellate court of its type in the United States.

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4. West Virginia is one of nineteen states that do not have a death penalty, and it is the only state in the southeastern United States to have abolished it.

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5. West Virginia is the only state where death rates exceeds birth rates.

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6. West Virginia ranked last or next-to-last in critical indicators such as Workforce Education, Entrepreneurial Activity, High-Tech Jobs, and Scientists and Engineers.

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7. West Virginia ranked 49th in the 2014 State New Economy Index, and has ranked in the bottom three states since 1999.

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8. West Virginia ranked 48th in the CNBC "Top States for Business 2013" based on measures of competitiveness such as economy, workforce and cost of living—ranking among the bottom 5 states for the last six years running.

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9. West Virginia ranked last in the Gallup Economic Index for the fourth year running.

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10. West Virginia produces a surplus of electricity and leads the Nation in net interstate electricity exports.

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11. West Virginia is located in the heart of the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Bed, which stretches from Tennessee north to New York in the middle of Appalachia.

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12. West Virginia is the site of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which features the Green Bank Telescope.

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13. West Virginia was only one of ten states in 2009 that grew economically.

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14. The center of population of West Virginia is located in Braxton County, in the town of Gassaway.

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15. West Virginia is one of the cloudiest states in the nation, with the cities of Elkins and Beckley ranking 9th and 10th in the US respectively for the number of cloudy days per year.

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16. The average elevation of West Virginia is approximately 1,500 feet above sea level, which is the highest of any US state east of the Mississippi River.

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17. West Virginia is located entirely within the Appalachian Region, and the state is almost entirely mountainous, giving reason to the nickname The Mountain State and the motto Montani Semper Liberi.

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18. West Virginia borders Pennsylvania and Maryland in the northeast, Virginia in the southeast, Ohio in the northwest, and Kentucky in the southwest.

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19. West Virginia was the only state in the Union to separate from a Confederate state during the American Civil War.

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20. West Virginia abolished slavery by a gradual process and temporarily disenfranchised men who had held Confederate office or fought for the Confederacy.

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21. West Virginia was the only state to form by separating from a Confederate state, the first to separate from any state since Maine separated from Massachusetts, and was one of two states admitted to the Union during the American Civil War.

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22. West Virginia was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863, and was a key border state during the war.

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23. West Virginia is the 41st largest state by area, and is ranked 38th in population.

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