83 Facts About Ellen DeGeneres

1. Ellen DeGeneres is a producer for television and film, a comedian and voice actress, and a screenwriter.

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2. Ellen DeGeneres came out about this abuse about 10 years ago.

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3. Ellen DeGeneres has found a way into our hearts and onto our television screens.

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4. Ellen DeGeneres sold last year for $34 million; a Carpinteria, California, beach house she snagged for more than $18 million in 2017; and a pair of condos she used to own in Beverly Hills.

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5. Ellen DeGeneres is pictured filming her talk show on Oct 13, 2016 in Burbank, California.

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6. Ellen DeGeneres captioned the snap: "Happy birthday to my wonderful wife Portia.

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7. Ellen DeGeneres gushed over her "wonderful wife" Portia De Rossi on her 46th birthday.

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8. Ellen DeGeneres went vegan in 2008, citing ethical reasons for her decision to radically change her lifestyle.

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9. Ellen DeGeneres has plunked down $27 million for another home in Montecito.

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10. Ellen DeGeneres has Colton play word association with several of the remaining contestants and gifts him undies ready for his change from virgin to not-virgin.

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11. Ellen DeGeneres confessed to Ellen DeGeneres, "For an Indian family and an Indian wedding, [it was small] for sure.

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12. Ellen DeGeneres came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about all this and more.

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13. Ellen DeGeneres bought one of the ritziest homes in Los Angeles in January 2014 for $39,888,000, according to TMZ.

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14. Ellen DeGeneres is an ethical vegan who calls herself a "big animal lover".

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15. Ellen DeGeneres set up a 'Hurricane Katrina' relief fund, that raised seven million dollars.

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16. In 2009, Ellen DeGeneres was named as the replacement for Paula Abdul as a judge on American Idol.

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17. Ellen DeGeneres decided to get healthier and quit smoking in the year 2005.

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18. Ellen DeGeneres became an author in 1995 when she penned the comical, "My Point.

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19. Ellen DeGeneres began starring in her own sitcom, Ellen DeGeneres, in 1994 and the show ran for 4 years.

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20. Ellen DeGeneres turned down a role in Friends before starring in Ellen.

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21. In 2001 Ellen DeGeneres starred in a short-lived sitcom called The Ellen Show, which was praised by reviewers but never attracted a large audience.

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22. Ellen DeGeneres earned numerous nominations for Emmy Awards, and in 1997 she won the prestigious Peabody Award for her work on the show.

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23. In 1991 Ellen DeGeneres was honored as best female stand-up comic at the 1991 American Comedy Awards.

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24. In 1986 Ellen DeGeneres made history in her first-ever appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

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25. Ellen DeGeneres was born outside New Orleans and spent most of her childhood there, living with her parents and her older brother, Vance.

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26. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the most popular contemporary comedians and the host of a successful daytime talk show.

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27. Ellen DeGeneres bought the property for $6.5 million in 2005, then sold it to Allison Milgard for $3.5 million more.

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28. Ellen DeGeneres is known for giving her audience gifts like trips, books, and even money.

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29. Ellen DeGeneres makes $75 million per year from her talk show, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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30. Ellen DeGeneres was nominated for three Golden Globes for her role as Ellen.

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31. At the age of 23, Ellen DeGeneres began performing at a local coffeehouse.

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32. Ellen DeGeneres married de Rossi on August 16, 2008, in what was perhaps the highest-profile gay marriage after California legalized the unions.

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33. Ellen DeGeneres is the author of several books, including My Point.

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34. In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres became a big hit with daytime viewers with her self-titled talk show, Ellen.

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35. Ellen DeGeneres was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, the daughter of Betty DeGeneres a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent.

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36. Ellen DeGeneres has proven herself to be a strong real-estate player.

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37. Ellen DeGeneres is an American comedian, television host, actress, writer, and producer.

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38. In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres made a triumphant return to TV as the host of her own award-winning talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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39. Ellen DeGeneres formally came out as gay to the public on the now-famous 1997 cover.

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40. Ellen DeGeneres has hosted the Oscars on two occasions, making history as the first gay person to host the event in 2007 and coming back for a second time in 2014.

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41. On December 3, 2011, Ellen DeGeneres opened the show at the David Lynch Foundation's 3rd annual "Change Begins Within" gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to raise funds to bring Transcendental Meditation to at-risk populations suffering from epidemic levels of chronic stress and stress-related disorders.

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42. Ellen DeGeneres co-ordinated a vegan outreach website titled 'Going Vegan with Ellen'.

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43. Ellen DeGeneres previously described herself as a vegan and "big animal lover".

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44. Ellen DeGeneres launched her lifestyle brand under the name ED by Ellen in the summer of 2015.

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45. Ellen DeGeneres is known for her dancing and singing with the audience at the beginning of the show and during commercial breaks.

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46. Ellen DeGeneres reached its height of popularity in April 1997, when DeGeneres came out as a lesbian on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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47. Ellen DeGeneres graduated from Atlanta High School in May 1976, after completing her first years of high school at Grace King High School in Metairie, Louisiana.

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48. Ellen DeGeneres sends Lassner out to test the course of the upcoming NBC competition series.

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49. Ellen DeGeneres loves Nut Thins, the crackers made with Blue Diamond almonds, growers meeting in Modesto heard Wednesday.

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50. Ellen DeGeneres brings the funny to Michelle Obama's Costco book signing.

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51. Ellen DeGeneres is putting "Average Andy" to the test again, this time with the help of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson! The daytime TV host enlisted her executive producer Andy Lassner once.

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52. Ellen DeGeneres picks on the wrong guy to do the Dad Dab.

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53. Ellen DeGeneres addresses the catastrophic California wildfires during Tuesday's show.

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54. Ellen DeGeneres loves to surprise her guests on her daytime talk show.

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55. Ellen DeGeneres invited Ellie to her talk show this week and asked her what she told Pharrell in that sweet moment.

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56. Ellen DeGeneres gets it, so, of course, she invited Ariana to sing on her show.

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57. Ellen DeGeneres continued to surprise, and Wilson Central High School assistant principal Ranesa Shipman continued to smile as she made an appearance on DeGeneres' talk show Monday afternoon.

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58. On May 26, 2010, Ellen DeGeneres announced on her show that she was starting her own record label entitled "eleveneleven".

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59. Ellen DeGeneres received several standing ovations for her performance that evening, which included the line: "What would bug the Taliban more than seeing a gay woman in a suit surrounded by Jews?".

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60. Ellen DeGeneres booked O'Rourke on her show and showered him with praise.

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61. Ellen DeGeneres is trying to help make the last year Fatima Ali has in this world be the best it can be, so she gave the star a big check.

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62. Ellen DeGeneres hosts NJ woman credited with halting potential school shooting in Ky.

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63. Ellen DeGeneres has a pretty strong Halloween game, but she took things up a notch today by dressing up as a Bachelor contestant and staging a full reenactment of the hit dating show.

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64. Ellen DeGeneres has a blast every year on her Halloween episode, but on Wednesday, the funny lady outdid herself.

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65. Ellen DeGeneres definitely deserves the first impression rose! To celebrate Halloween, the talk show host, 60, dressed as a contestant from The Bachelor—but instead of imitating a popular participant from a past season, she created one of her own.

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66. Ellen DeGeneres always wows us with her costumes, but this year might be her "most dramatic" look yet.

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67. Ellen DeGeneres is one of the many celebrities who isn't taking sides in the Nicki MinajCardi B feud, as both of them have appeared on her talk show.

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68. Ellen DeGeneres created a t-shirt with her brand whose proceeds go to the organization.

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69. Ellen DeGeneres served as campaign ambassador to Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project in 2010, asking people to start "a new tradition by adopting a turkey instead of eating one" at Thanksgiving.

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70. Since 2004, Ellen DeGeneres has had a relationship with Portia de Rossi.

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71. Ellen DeGeneres represents a line of products on QVC, a home shopping network.

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72. In November 2004, Ellen DeGeneres appeared, dancing, in an ad campaign for American Express.

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73. Ellen DeGeneres said she wanted to homage Meryl Streep's record 17 Oscar nominations by setting a new record with her, and invited other Oscar celebrities to join them.

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74. Ellen DeGeneres was nominated for an Emmy Award as host of the Academy Awards broadcast.

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75. On September 7, 2006, Ellen DeGeneres was selected to host the 79th Academy Awards ceremony, which took place on February 25, 2007.

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76. In August 2005, Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2005 Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony held on September 18, 2005.

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77. Ellen DeGeneres received wide exposure on November 4, 2001, when she hosted the televised broadcast of the Emmy Awards.

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78. On May 1, 2009, Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her 1000th episode, featuring celebrity guests such as Oprah Winfrey, Justin Timberlake, and Paris Hilton, among others.

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79. In May 2007, Ellen DeGeneres was placed on bed rest due to a torn ligament in her back.

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80. In May 2006, Ellen DeGeneres made a surprise appearance at the Tulane University commencement in New Orleans.

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81. Ellen DeGeneres celebrated her thirty-year class reunion by flying her graduating class to California to be guests on her show in February 2006.

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82. Ellen DeGeneres starred in a series of films for a show named Ellen's Energy Adventure, which is part of the Universe of Energy attraction and pavilion at Walt Disney World's Epcot.

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83. Ellen DeGeneres started performing stand-up comedy at small clubs and coffee houses.

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