66 Facts About Woody Allen

1. Woody Allen issued a statement to CBS News in 2018, reasserting that investigators had "independently concluded that no molestation had ever taken place.

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2. Woody Allen vehemently denied the allegations, accusing Mia of coaching Dylan to get revenge on him for his relationship with her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.

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3. Woody Allen was married to Harlene Rosen from 1956 to 1962, and during that time, he met his second wife, actress Louise Lasser, who was seeing a friend of his when they met.

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4. Woody Allen came to pick her up, but he wasn't much of a savior.

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5. Woody Allen tried to keep things quiet, but he continued sleeping with his stepdaughter.

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6. In 1992, Woody Allen got caught with a stack of naked Polaroid photos of Soon-Yi Previn, the young daughter of his common-law wife, Mia Farrow.

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7. Woody Allen acknowledged the inequality in his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn in a 2005 interview with Vanity Fair, but he said he believed that imbalance was a positive thing.

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8. In 2011, Woody Allen told The Guardian that his wife isn't a fan of his work.

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9. Woody Allen told Time that the reason he kept his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn a secret from Mia Farrow, at least initially, was because he didn't necessarily think it would last.

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10. In 1992, Woody Allen told Time that Mia Farrow was the one who prompted him to forge a relationship with Soon-Yi Previn—though likely not the kind of relationship that ultimately transpired.

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11. Woody Allen supposedly saw no problem dating Soon-Yi Previn because she wasn't a biological child and because he and Farrow had never married.

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12. Woody Allen told me that Woody Allen has started an affair with her Korean adopted daughter, Soon-Yi.

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13. Woody Allen refused to take a polygraph administered by the Connecticut state police.

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14. Woody Allen loved working with Brolin on the Woody Allen film, but has nothing positive to say of her part.

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15. Woody Allen has strenuously denied the allegations, which Farrow reiterated in a 2014 open letter to the New York Times.

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16. Woody Allen said that the Yale–New Haven team's unwillingness to testify in court, except through a deposition, together with the destruction of its notes, had rendered its report "sanitized and, therefore, less credible".

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17. In 1984 she and Woody Allen tried to have a biological child together; Allen agreed to this on the understanding that he need not be involved in the child's care.

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18. Woody Allen had a 12-year relationship with actress Mia Farrow and relationships with Stacey Nelkin and Diane Keaton.

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19. Woody Allen has performed publicly at least since the late 1960s, including with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on the soundtrack of Sleeper.

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20. Woody Allen co-starred with John Turturro in Fading Gigolo, written and directed by Turturro, which premiered in September 2013.

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21. Woody Allen reached an agreement to film Vicky Cristina Barcelona in Aviles, Barcelona, and Oviedo, Spain, where shooting started on July 9, 2007.

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22. Woody Allen provided the voice of Z in DreamWorks' first animated film, Antz, which featured many actors he had worked with; Allen's character was similar to his earlier neurotic roles.

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23. In contrast to these lighter movies, Woody Allen veered into darker satire toward the end of the decade with Deconstructing Harry and Celebrity (1998).

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24. Woody Allen has written several one-act plays, including Riverside Drive and Old Saybrook exploring well-known Allen themes.

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25. Woody Allen performed stand-up comedy on other series including The Andy Williams Show and The Perry Como Show where he would interact with other guests and occasionally sing.

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26. In 2010, Woody Allen released audio versions of his books in which he read 73 selections.

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27. Woody Allen wrote jokes for the Buddy Hackett sitcom Stanley and for The Pat Boone Chevy Showroom, and in 1958 he co-wrote a few Sid Caesar specials with Larry Gelbart.

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28. Woody Allen studied film at City College of New York in 1954 but left before the end of the first semester.

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29. Woody Allen is the son of Nettie, a bookkeeper at her family's delicatessen, and Martin Konigsberg (December 25, 1900—January 8, 2001), a jewelry engraver and waiter.

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30. Woody Allen impressed students with his extraordinary talent with cards and magic tricks.

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31. Woody Allen has won four Academy Awards: three for Best Original Screenplay and one for Best Director.

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32. Woody Allen is often identified as part of the New Hollywood wave of filmmakers of the mid-1960s to late 1970s.

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33. Woody Allen is an American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician whose career spans over half a century.

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34. Woody Allen has proven himself as one of the forefathers of the American film industry and media as a whole.

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35. Woody Allen issued a statement on August 17, 1992, saying that he was in love with Soon-Yi.

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36. Woody Allen described his relationship with Previn as a "fling" that developed into a more significant relationship.

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37. Woody Allen was not involved in the adoption, but when Dylan arrived he assumed a parental role toward her and began spending more time in Farrow's home.

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38. Woody Allen married 17-year-old Harlene Rosen when he was 20 in 1956; the marriage lasted until 1959.

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39. In June 2007, it was announced that Woody Allen would make two more creative debuts in the theatre, directing a work that he did not write and directing an opera—a reinterpretation of Puccini's Gianni Schicchi for the Los Angeles Opera—which debuted at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on September 6, 2008.

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40. In 2003, Woody Allen finally returned to the stage with Writer's Block, an evening of two one-acts—Old Saybrook and Riverside Drive—that played Off-Broadway.

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41. In 1997, rumors of Woody Allen returning to the theatre to write a starring role for his wife Soon-Yi Previn turned out to be false.

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42. On January 14, 2015, it was announced Woody Allen will write and direct a TV series of half-hour episodes for Amazon Studios, marking the first time he has developed a television show.

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43. Woody Allen has said that this film, as well as the next three he has planned, have the financing and full support of Sony Pictures Classics.

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44. Woody Allen has said that he "survives" on the European market.

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45. Woody Allen made one sitcom "appearance" via telephone on the show Just Shoot Me! in a 1997 episode, "My Dinner with Woody", which paid tribute to several of his films.

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46. In 1989, Woody Allen teamed with directors Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese to make New York Stories, an anthology film about New Yorkers.

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47. Woody Allen has combined tragic and comic elements in such films as Hannah and Her Sisters and Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989), in which he tells two stories that connect at the end.

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48. Woody Allen was resistant at first, but after seeing Mort Sahl on stage, he felt safer to give it a try: "I'd never had the nerve to talk about it before.

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49. For many years, Woody Allen wanted to make a film about the origins of jazz in New Orleans.

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50. In the 1970s, Woody Allen wrote a number of one-act plays, most notably God and Death, which were published in his 1975 collection Without Feathers.

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51. In September 2016, Woody Allen started filming Wonder Wheel, set in the 1950s in Coney Island, and starring Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake.

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52. Woody Allen said he wanted to "show the city emotionally", during the press conference.

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53. In a 2006 interview with Premiere Magazine, Woody Allen stated this was the best film he has ever made.

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54. Woody Allen was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2001.

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55. The film co-starred Farrow in a part Woody Allen wrote specifically for her.

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56. In 1972, Woody Allen wrote and starred in the film version of Play It Again, Sam, directed by Herbert Ross and co-starring Diane Keaton.

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57. Woody Allen directed, starred in, and co-wrote Take the Money and Run in 1969, which received positive reviews.

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58. In 1967, Woody Allen played Jimmy Bond in the 007 spoof Casino Royale.

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59. In 1966, Woody Allen wrote the play Don't Drink the Water.

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60. In 1971 Woody Allen hosted one of his final Tonight Shows, which included as guests Bob Hope and James Coco.

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61. In 2010, Woody Allen released digital spoken word versions of his four books, in which he reads 73 short story selections from his work and for which he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

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62. Woody Allen has published four collections of his short pieces and plays.

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63. Woody Allen wrote for the Candid Camera television show, and appeared in some episodes.

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64. Woody Allen has received many accolades and honors throughout his career.

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65. In the early 1960s, Woody Allen began performing as a stand-up comedian, emphasizing monologues rather than traditional jokes.

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66. Woody Allen said the barbershop's group of four owners bought their The toddler, who was dressed as Woody from "Toy Story", was not eager to comment on the evening's events.

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