43 Facts About Stanley Kubrick

1. Stanley Kubrick is widely referenced in popular culture, and the TV series The Simpsons is said to contain more references to Kubrick films than any other pop culture phenomenon.

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2. Stanley Kubrick was buried next to his favorite tree on the estate.

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3. Stanley Kubrick disliked living in Los Angeles, and had thought London a superior film production center to New York.

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4. Stanley Kubrick lived with dancer and actress Valda Setterfield after the marriage broke down.

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5. Stanley Kubrick met his second wife, the Austrian-born dancer and theatrical designer Ruth Sobotka, in 1952.

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6. Stanley Kubrick married his high-school sweetheart Toba Metz, a keen caricaturist, on May 29, 1948, when he was nineteen years of age.

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7. Stanley Kubrick described Steadicam as being like a "magic carpet", allowing "fast, flowing, camera movements" in the maze in The Shining which otherwise would have been impossible.

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8. Stanley Kubrick would devote his personal breaks to having lengthy discussions with actors.

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9. Stanley Kubrick told biographer Michel Clement: "It's invariably because the actors don't know their lines, or don't know them well enough.

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10. Stanley Kubrick said: "I think that the best plot is no apparent plot.

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11. Stanley Kubrick told Robert Emmett Ginna: "I think you have to view the entire problem of putting the story you want to tell up there on that light square.

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12. Stanley Kubrick stated himself that "there is no deliberate pattern to the stories that I have chosen to make into films.

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13. Stanley Kubrick once named Ophuls' Le Plaisir as his favorite film.

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14. Stanley Kubrick declared that it was "absurd to try to understand Stanley Kubrick without reckoning on Jewishness as a fundamental aspect of his mentality".

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15. Stanley Kubrick was unable to direct a film of Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum as Eco had given his publisher instructions to never sell the film rights to any of his books after his dissatisfaction with the film version of The Name of the Rose.

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16. Stanley Kubrick wanted them to be replicated as authentically as possible on screen.

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17. Stanley Kubrick tried to see every film ever made about Napoleon and found none of them appealing, including Abel Gance's 1927 film which is generally considered to be a masterpiece, but for Kubrick, a "really terrible" movie.

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18. Stanley Kubrick commenced a script with Frederic Raphael, and worked 18 hours a day, while maintaining complete confidentiality about the film.

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19. Stanley Kubrick said of the novel: "A difficult book to describe—what good book isn't.

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20. Stanley Kubrick concluded: "Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket is more like a book of short stories than a novel", a "strangely shapeless film from the man whose work usually imposes a ferociously consistent vision on his material".

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21. Stanley Kubrick met author Michael Herr through mutual friend David Cornwell in 1980, and became interested in his book Dispatches, about the Vietnam War.

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22. Stanley Kubrick said of the concept of the film in an interview with Rolling Stone: "On the deepest psychological level, the film's plot symbolized the search for God, and finally postulates what is little less than a scientific definition of God.

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23. Stanley Kubrick was granted permission by NASA to observe the spacecraft being used in the Ranger 9 mission for accuracy.

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24. Stanley Kubrick found that Dr Strangelove, a $2 million production which employed what became the "first important visual effects crew in the world", would be impossible to make in the US for various technical and political reasons, forcing him to move production to England.

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25. Stanley Kubrick became preoccupied with the issue of nuclear war as the Cold War unfolded in the 1950s, and even considered moving to Australia because he feared that New York City might be a likely target for the Russians.

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26. Stanley Kubrick often clashed with Shelley Winters, whom he found "very difficult" and demanding, and nearly fired at one point.

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27. In February 1959, Stanley Kubrick received a phone call from Kirk Douglas asking him to direct Spartacus, based on the true life story of the historical figure Spartacus and the events of the Third Servile War.

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28. Stanley Kubrick assembled several actors and a small crew totaling 14 people and flew to the San Gabriel Mountains in California for a five-week, low-budget shoot.

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29. Stanley Kubrick began making Flying Padre, a film which documents Reverend Fred Stadtmueller, who travels some 4,000 miles to visit his 11 churches.

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30. Stanley Kubrick said, "Stanley was very stoic, impassive but imaginative type person with strong, imaginative thoughts.

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31. Stanley Kubrick had considered asking Montgomery Clift to narrate it, whom he had met during a photographic session for Look, but settled on CBS news veteran Douglas Edwards.

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32. Stanley Kubrick rented a camera and produced a 16-minute black-and-white documentary, Day of the Fight.

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33. Stanley Kubrick decided to make a short film documentary about boxer Walter Cartier, whom he had photographed and written about for Look magazine a year earlier.

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34. Stanley Kubrick shared a love of film with his school friend Alexander Singer, who after graduating from high school had the intention of directing a film version of Homer's The Iliad.

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35. Stanley Kubrick spent many hours reading books on film theory and writing down notes.

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36. Stanley Kubrick married his high-school sweetheart Toba Metz on May 28, 1948.

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37. Stanley Kubrick was thin, skinny, and kind of poor—like we all were".

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38. Stanley Kubrick supplemented his income by playing chess "for quarters" in Washington Square Park and various Manhattan chess clubs.

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39. Stanley Kubrick graduated in 1945, but his poor grades, combined with the demand for college admissions from soldiers returning from the Second World War, eliminated hope of higher education.

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40. Stanley Kubrick befriended a neighbor, Marvin Traub, who shared his passion for photography.

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41. Stanley Kubrick displayed an interest in literature from a young age, and began reading Greek and Roman myths and the fables of the Grimm brothers which "instilled in him a lifelong affinity with Europe".

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42. Stanley Kubrick was raised in the Bronx, New York City, and attended William Howard Taft High School from 1941 to 1945.

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43. Stanley Kubrick was an American film director, screenwriter, and producer.

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