9 Facts About William Howard Taft

1. In 1909, President William Howard Taft accepted the recommendation of a joint Army-Navy board that Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands be made the.

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2. President William Howard Taft was there presenting trophies and medals to participating miners and first aid crews.

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3. In March 1917, William Howard Taft demonstrated public support for the war effort by joining the Connecticut State Guard, a state defense force organized to carry out the state duties of the Connecticut National Guard while the National Guard served on active duty.

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4. In 1913, William Howard Taft was elected to a one-year term as president of the American Bar Association, a trade group of lawyers.

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5. At the time William Howard Taft was inaugurated, the way forward for African Americans was debated by their leaders.

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6. In the conference committee, William Howard Taft won some victories, such as limiting the tax on lumber.

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7. In his time in Cuba, William Howard Taft worked to persuade Cubans that the US intended stability, not occupation.

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8. In March 1892, William Howard Taft resigned as Solicitor General to resume his judicial career.

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9. Chief Justice William Howard Taft was a conservative on business issues and under him there were advances in individual rights.

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