52 Facts About Herbert Hoover

1. Herbert Hoover believed that Americans would always answer the call for contributions to support local charity organizations and national groups such as the.

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2. Herbert Hoover had been working as a mining expert, according to history sites.

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3. Herbert Hoover appears to have carried 40 states, with 444 electoral votes.

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4. Herbert Hoover was made an honorary citizen of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

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5. Herbert Hoover began his magnum opus Freedom Betrayed in 1944 as part of a proposed autobiography.

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6. Herbert Hoover was honored with a state funeral in which he lay in state at the United States Capitol rotunda.

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7. In 1960, Herbert Hoover appeared at his final Republican National Convention.

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8. Herbert Hoover was the only living former Republican president between his last day in office in 1933 and Eisenhower's last day in office in 1961.

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9. Herbert Hoover toured what was to become West Germany in Hermann Goring's old train coach and produced a number of reports critical of US occupation policy.

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10. Herbert Hoover joked that they were for many years the sole members of the "trade union" of former Presidents.

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11. Herbert Hoover remained popular in Europe and was honored in France and Belgium.

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12. In the general election, Herbert Hoover campaigned for Landon's unsuccessful campaign with numerous well-publicized speeches attacking New Deal liberalism.

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13. Herbert Hoover feared that the country had surrendered its "freedom of mind and spirit" to the New Deal.

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14. Herbert Hoover enjoyed returning to the men's clubs that he had long been involved with, including the Bohemian Club, the Pacific-Union Club, and the University Club in San Francisco.

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15. Herbert Hoover departed from Washington in March 1933, bitter at his election loss and continuing unpopularity.

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16. In his campaign trips around the country, Herbert Hoover was faced with perhaps the most hostile crowds of any sitting president.

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17. Herbert Hoover had sent orders that the Army was not to move on the encampment, but MacArthur chose to ignore the command.

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18. Herbert Hoover hoped that the moratorium would help stabilize the European economy, which he viewed as a major cause of economic troubles in the United States.

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19. Herbert Hoover made US bankers agree to refrain from demanding payment on private loans from Germans.

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20. At the 1932 World Disarmament Conference, Herbert Hoover urged worldwide cutbacks in armaments and the outlawing of tanks and bombers, but his proposals were not adopted.

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21. Herbert Hoover pursued United States membership in the Permanent Court of International Justice, but the Senate never voted on his proposal.

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22. In July 1932, Herbert Hoover signed the Federal Home Loan Bank Act, establishing 12 district banks overseen by a Federal Home Loan Bank Board in a manner similar to the Federal Reserve System.

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23. Herbert Hoover was instrumental in passing the Glass–Steagall Act of 1932, which allowed for prime rediscounting at the Federal Reserve, in turn allowing further inflation of credit and bank reserves.

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24. In January 1932, Herbert Hoover signed a bill creating the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

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25. As the Great Depression continued, Herbert Hoover finally heeded calls for more direct federal intervention, though he vetoed a bill that would have allowed direct federal lending to individuals.

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26. Herbert Hoover supported new public works projects, although his fear of budget deficits led him to oppose expansive projects such as that contemplated by the Muscle Shoals Bill, which sought to establish government production and distribution of power in the Tennessee Valley.

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27. In the spring of 1930, Herbert Hoover acquired from Congress an additional $100 million to continue the Federal Farm Board lending and purchasing policies.

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28. Herbert Hoover blamed Mexicans for the economic downturn, and championed a mass deportation which became known as the Mexican Repatriation program.

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29. Herbert Hoover supported Rhoads' commitment to Indian assimilation and sought to minimize the federal role in Indian affairs.

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30. First Lady Lou Herbert Hoover defied custom and invited the wife of Republican Oscar De Priest, the only African-American member in Congress, to tea at the White House.

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31. Herbert Hoover accepted the nomination at Stanford Stadium, telling a huge crowd that he would continue the policies of the Harding and Coolidge administrations.

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32. Herbert Hoover personally crisscrossed the Mississippi Valley, giving speeches and coordinating the response.

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33. Herbert Hoover was influential in the early development of air travel.

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34. Herbert Hoover fought for more power to control the proliferation of licensed radio stations.

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35. Herbert Hoover remained in office until 1928, serving in both the Harding and Coolidge administrations.

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36. Herbert Hoover had various reasons for choosing the Republican Party, including a split with Wilson over the Versailles Treaty, and his view that the Democrats would likely lose the 1920 election.

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37. In March 1920, Herbert Hoover publicly declared his allegiance with the GOP, stating that he would not run for but would not refuse the 1920 Republican nomination.

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38. Herbert Hoover had been little known among the American public before 1914, but emerged as perhaps the second-most famous person in the United States after President Wilson.

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39. Herbert Hoover provided aid to the defeated German nation after the war, as well as relief to famine-stricken Bolshevik-controlled areas of Russia in 1921, despite the opposition of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge and other Republicans.

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40. In 1908, Herbert Hoover became an independent mining consultant, traveling worldwide until the outbreak of World War I in 1914.

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41. Herbert Hoover wrote, "Broken Hill was one of the dreariest places in the world at this time.

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42. Herbert Hoover was a director of Chinese Engineering and Mining Corporation when it became a supplier of immigrant labor from Southeast Asia for South African mines.

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43. Herbert Hoover worked as chief engineer for the Chinese Bureau of Mines, and as general manager for the Chinese Engineering and Mining Corporation.

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44. Herbert Hoover worked a variety of odd jobs to support himself, and struggled in many of his classes, especially English.

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45. Herbert Hoover entered Stanford University in 1891, its inaugural year, after failing all the entrance exams and then being tutored for the summer in Palo Alto.

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46. Herbert Hoover attended Friends Pacific Academy, but dropped out at the age of thirteen to become an office assistant for his uncle's real estate office in Salem, Oregon.

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47. Herbert Hoover was born on August 10, 1874 in West Branch, Iowa.

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48. Herbert Hoover became a conservative spokesman in opposition to the domestic and foreign policies of Roosevelt.

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49. In 1932, Herbert Hoover signed a major public works bill and established the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, which was designed to provide government loans to banks, railroads and big businesses in danger of failing.

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50. Herbert Hoover avoided the anti-Catholicism that hurt Smith, but in a time of peace and prosperity his success was highly likely.

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51. Herbert Hoover won the Republican nomination in 1928, and defeated Democrat Al Smith in a landslide.

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52. Herbert Hoover was an unusually active and visible cabinet member, becoming known as "Secretary of Commerce and Under-Secretary of all other departments".

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