11 Facts About William McKinley

1. In 1898, when President William McKinley took the nation to war against Spain, he pledged not to annex foreign territory.

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2. In the days after the shooting William McKinley appeared to improve.

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3. In his final speech, William McKinley urged reciprocity treaties with other nations to assure American manufacturers access to foreign markets.

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4. With the international effort a failure, William McKinley turned away from silver coinage and embraced the gold standard.

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5. In fact, Walker had deceived William McKinley, telling him that new notes were actually renewals of matured ones.

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6. In the wake of Cleveland's victory, William McKinley was seen by some as the likely Republican candidate in 1896.

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7. In the end, William McKinley lost by 300 votes, but the Republicans won a statewide majority and claimed a moral victory.

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8. From his first term in Congress, William McKinley was a strong advocate of protective tariffs.

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9. With the Republicans in the minority, William McKinley was given unimportant committee assignments, which he undertook conscientiously.

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10. On March 7, 1883, William McKinley was elected as a First Class Companion of the District of Columbia Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States—a military society of officers who served in the Union armed forces during the American Civil War and their descendants.

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11. Just before the war's end, William McKinley received his final promotion, a brevet commission as major.

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