20 Facts About Todd Field


William Todd Field was born on February 24,1964 and is an American filmmaker and former actor.


Todd Field is known for directing In the Bedroom, Little Children, and Tar, which were nominated for a combined fourteen Academy Awards.


Todd Field was born in Pomona, California, where his family ran a poultry farm.


When Todd Field turned two, his family moved to Portland, Oregon, where his father went to work as a salesman, and his mother became a school librarian.


Todd Field received his Master of Fine Arts from the AFI Conservatory.


Todd Field has worked in varying capacities as an actor, director, producer, composer, screenwriter, and editor.


Todd Field began making motion pictures after Woody Allen cast him in Radio Days.


Todd Field went on to work with some of America's greatest filmmakers, including Stanley Kubrick, Victor Nunez, and Carl Franklin.


Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times summarized Todd Field's acting career in his review of Broken Vessels:.


Franklin and Nunez, both AFI alumni, encouraged Todd Field to enroll as a Directing Fellow at the AFI, which he did in 1992.


Todd Field received the Satyajit Ray Award from the British Film Institute, and a Jury Prize from the Sundance Film Festival, and his short films were exhibited at various venues overseas and domestically at the Museum of Modern Art.


Todd Field began his filmmaking career in 2001 when he wrote and directed In the Bedroom, a film based on Andre Dubus's short story "Killings".


Rathbun and Spacek did some of the set design and Todd Field handled the camera himself on many of the shots.


Todd Field has the magnificent obsession of the natural-born filmmaker.


Todd Field followed In the Bedroom with Little Children, which was nominated for three Academy Awards, including two for the actors: Kate Winslet and Jackie Earle Haley.


In 2016, Todd Field worked on a planned television adaptation of the 2015 Jonathan Franzen novel Purity, which was to be a 20-hour limited series for Showtime.


Tar was named Best Picture of the year by the London Film Critics' Circle with Todd Field being named Best Director of the Year and Blanchett Best Actress.


Todd Field was named Best Director by The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and his script Best Original Screenplay of the Year, as did the National Society of Film Critics.


Todd Field's script is dazzling in its conversational flow, its insider dexterity, its perception of how power in the world actually works.


Todd Field made a film which for some years was considered a very dirty word.