5 Facts About Samantha Morton

1. On 20 July 2011, Samantha Morton received an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from Nottingham Trent University "in recognition of her internationally successful acting career".

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2. As of 2017, Samantha Morton currently stars in Hulu's period drama, Harlots, as Margaret Wells, Madam of a low-class brothel seeking to improve her fortune.

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3. Roger Ebert remarked that Samantha Morton "absolutely convincing as a plucky teenage bride", and Variety magazine found her performance to be "astonishing" and "sympathetic".

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4. In 2002, Samantha Morton took on a part in Steven Spielberg science fiction thriller Minority Report, opposite Tom Cruise.

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5. In the 2000s, Samantha Morton continued to draw critical praise for her performances in numerous arthouse and independent films such as Pandaemonium and Enduring Love (2004).

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