35 Facts About Joaquin Phoenix

1. Joaquin Phoenix is simply wonderful as Callahan, a quietly observant and ruthlessly honest mess of a man; Jonah Hill is mesmerizing as his rich bitch guru of an AA sponsor; and the cast of characters in his life, especially Rooney Mara as his Swedish.

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2. Joaquin Phoenix always provides content and it's right up the convention's alley.

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3. Joaquin Phoenix springs into action as the clown prince of crime in a scene from new film Joker.

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4. Joaquin Phoenix spotted in traditional clown costume on set of Joker movie.

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5. Joaquin Phoenix is currently filming the new Joker movie, but luckily the experience hasn't been too rough on him.

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6. In 2016, Joaquin Phoenix starred in a campaign shoot, taking a stand against wool for PETA.

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7. Joaquin Phoenix is a member of In Defense of Animals and PETA and has campaigned for both.

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8. Joaquin Phoenix is widely known for his animal rights advocacy and is a vegan.

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9. Joaquin Phoenix is on the board of directors for The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization which provides daily meals to students of township schools in Soweto, South Africa, which was founded by his ex-girlfriend, South African Topaz Page-Green.

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10. Joaquin Phoenix has long been a social activist, lending his support to a number of charities and humanitarian organizations, such as Amnesty International, The Art of Elysium, HEART, and the Peace Alliance.

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11. Joaquin Phoenix appeared on Late Show again on September 22, 2010, and revealed that his "retirement" and eccentric behavior were for a mockumentary, I'm Still Here, that he and Casey Affleck were filming.

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12. Joaquin Phoenix unexpectedly announced in late 2008 that he had retired from acting to pursue a rapping career, and that the forthcoming Two Lovers would be his last film.

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13. Joaquin Phoenix approached Herzog to express gratitude, but Herzog downplayed his heroism and returned to his home nearby.

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14. In early April 2005, Joaquin Phoenix checked into rehab to be treated for alcoholism.

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15. In July 2018, Joaquin Phoenix officially signed on as the Joker in the film Joker.

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16. In his third feature of the year, Joaquin Phoenix portrayed cartoonist John Callahan in his second feature with director Gus Van Sant, the biopic Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot.

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17. In his first film released in 2018, Joaquin Phoenix portrayed Jesus in Garth Davis's Mary Magdalene, opposite Rooney Mara.

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18. Joaquin Phoenix narrated his second documentary for Nation Earth about animal rights called Unity.

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19. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for his fifth Golden Globe Award for his performance.

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20. In 2013, Joaquin Phoenix starred in romantic science fiction comedy-drama film Her directed by Spike Jonze.

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21. Joaquin Phoenix wears the role like a second skin; he's a volcano in full eruption.

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22. In 2011, it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix would return to acting in Paul Thomas Anderson's drama film The Master.

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23. For his second film of 2007, Joaquin Phoenix reunited with director Terry George for the film Reservation Road.

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24. In the film, Joaquin Phoenix played a New York nightclub manager who tries to save his brother and father from Russian mafia hit men.

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25. In 2007, Joaquin Phoenix reunited with director James Gray for the film We Own the Night, which he produced.

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26. In 2006, Joaquin Phoenix was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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27. For his performance in the film, Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture along with the cast.

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28. For his second film that year, Joaquin Phoenix starred in the drama film Ladder 49 as a Baltimore firefighter.

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29. In 2004, Joaquin Phoenix paired with Shyamalan again, playing a love struck farmer in The Village.

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30. In 2003, Joaquin Phoenix played the irresolute husband of a superstar-skater in It's All About Love, and voiced Kenai in the Disney animated film, Brother Bear.

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31. In 1997, Joaquin Phoenix played a small-town troublemaker in Oliver Stone's U Turn, and a poor man in love with a rich woman in Inventing the Abbotts.

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32. In response, Joaquin Phoenix retreated from the public eye for about a year.

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33. Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for the Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor in a Feature Film for his performance in the film.

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34. At the age of eight, Joaquin Phoenix made his acting debut alongside his brother River in the television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the 1982 episode "Christmas Song".

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35. For his work as an actor, Joaquin Phoenix has received a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award and three Academy Award nominations.

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