79 Facts About Diane Keaton


Diane Keaton was born on Diane Hall, January 5,1946 and is an American actress.


Diane Keaton has received various accolades throughout her career spanning over five decades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and two Golden Globe Awards, in addition to nominations for a Tony Award and two Emmy Awards.


Diane Keaton was honored with the Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute in 2007 and an AFI Life Achievement Award in 2017.


Diane Keaton then made her screen debut in a small role in Lovers and Other Strangers, before rising to prominence with her first major film role as Kay Adams-Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather, a role she reprised in its sequels Part II and Part III.


Diane Keaton frequently collaborated with Woody Allen, beginning with the film adaptation of Play It Again, Sam.


Diane Keaton received three more Academy Award nominations for her roles as activist Louise Bryant in Reds, a leukemia patient in Marvin's Room, and a dramatist in Something's Gotta Give.


Diane Keaton's mother, Dorothy Deanne, was a homemaker and amateur photographer; her father, John Newton Ignatius "Jack" Hall, was a real estate broker and civil engineer.


Diane Keaton's mother won the "Mrs Los Angeles" pageant for homemakers; Keaton has said that the theatricality of the event inspired her first impulse to be an actress, and led to her desire to work on stage.


Diane Keaton has credited Katharine Hepburn, whom she admires for playing strong and independent women, as one of her inspirations.


Diane Keaton is a 1964 graduate of Santa Ana High School in Santa Ana, California.


Diane Keaton revisited her nightclub act in Annie Hall, And So It Goes, and a cameo in Radio Days.


Diane Keaton began studying acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City.


In 1968, Diane Keaton became a member of the "Tribe" and understudy to Sheila in the original Broadway production of Hair.


Diane Keaton gained some notoriety for her refusal to disrobe at the end of Act I when the cast performs nude, even though nudity in the production was optional for actors.


Diane Keaton went on to receive a Tony Award nomination for a Best Featured Actress in a Play for her performance in Play It Again, Sam.


The next year, Diane Keaton made her film debut in Lovers and Other Strangers.


Diane Keaton followed with guest roles on the television series Love, American Style, Night Gallery, and Mannix.


Between films, Diane Keaton appeared in a series of deodorant commercials.


Time wrote that she was "invisible in The Godfather and pallid in The Godfather, Part II, but according to Empire magazine, Diane Keaton "proves the quiet lynchpin which is no mean feat in [the] necessarily male dominated films.


Diane Keaton played many eccentric characters in several of his comic and dramatic films, including Sleeper, Love and Death, Interiors, Manhattan, Manhattan Murder Mystery and the film version of Play It Again, Sam, directed by Herbert Ross.


In 1977 Diane Keaton won the Academy Award for Best Actress in Allen's romantic comedy Annie Hall, one of her most famous roles.


Diane Keaton is known to favor men's vintage clothing, and usually appears in public wearing gloves and conservative attire.


Diane Keaton's first record was an original cast recording of Hair, in 1971.


Diane Keaton met with more success in the medium of still photography.


Beatty cast Diane Keaton after seeing her in Annie Hall, as he wanted to bring her natural nervousness and insecure attitude to the role.


The production of Reds was delayed several times following its conception in 1977, and Diane Keaton almost left the project when she believed it would never be produced.


Shoot the Moon received mostly positive reviews from critics and Diane Keaton's performance was again praised.


In 1987 Diane Keaton starred in Baby Boom, her first of four collaborations with writer-producer Nancy Meyers.


Diane Keaton played a Manhattan career woman who is suddenly forced to care for a toddler.


Diane Keaton is smashing: the Tiger Lady's having all this drive is played for farce and Diane Keaton keeps you alert to every shade of pride and panic the character feels.


In 1987 Diane Keaton directed and edited her first feature film, Heaven, a documentary about the possibility of an afterlife.


Diane Keaton shifted to more mature roles, frequently playing matriarchs of middle-class families.


Diane Keaton was almost not cast in the film, as The Good Mother's commercial failure had strained her relationship with Walt Disney Pictures, the studio of both films.


Diane Keaton reprised her role four years later in the sequel, as a woman who becomes pregnant in middle age at the same time as her daughter.


Diane Keaton reprised her role of Kay Adams in 1990's The Godfather Part III, set 20 years after the end of The Godfather, Part II.


In 1993 Diane Keaton starred in Manhattan Murder Mystery, her first major film role in a Woody Allen film since 1979.


Diane Keaton's part was originally intended for Mia Farrow, but Farrow dropped out of the project after breaking up with Allen.


In 1995 Diane Keaton directed Unstrung Heroes, her first theatrically released narrative film.


Diane Keaton switched the story's setting from the New York of Lidz's book to the Southern California of her own childhood, and the four mad uncles were reduced to a whimsical odd couple.


Diane Keaton starred with Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler as a trio of "first wives": middle-aged women who had been divorced by their husbands in favor of younger women.


Also in 1996 Diane Keaton starred as Bessie, a woman with leukemia, in Marvin's Room, an adaptation of the play by Scott McPherson.


Diane Keaton said the role's biggest challenge was understanding the mentality of a person with a terminal illness.


Diane Keaton next starred in The Only Thrill opposite her Baby Boom co-star Sam Shephard, and had a supporting role in The Other Sister.


In 1999 Diane Keaton narrated the one-hour public radio documentary "If I Get Out Alive", the first to focus on the conditions and brutality young people face in the adult correctional system.


In 2007 Diane Keaton starred in both Because I Said So and Mama's Boy.


In Mama's Boy, director Tim Hamilton's feature film debut, Diane Keaton starred as the mother of a self-absorbed 29-year-old whose world turns upside down when she starts dating and considers kicking him out of the house.


In 2008 Diane Keaton starred alongside Dax Shepard and Liv Tyler in Vince Di Meglio's dramedy Smother, playing the overbearing mother of an unemployed therapist, who decides to move in with him and his girlfriend after breaking up with her husband.


In 2010 Diane Keaton starred alongside Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford in Roger Michell's comedy Morning Glory, playing the veteran TV host of a fictional morning talk show that desperately needs to boost its lagging ratings.


In fall 2010 Diane Keaton joined the production of the comedy drama Darling Companion by Lawrence Kasdan, which was released in 2012.


Also in 2011 Diane Keaton began production on Justin Zackham's 2013 ensemble comedy The Big Wedding, a remake of the 2006 French film Mon frere se marie in which she, along with Robert De Niro, played a long-divorced couple who, for the sake of their adopted son's wedding and his very religious biological mother, pretend they are still married.


In 2014 Diane Keaton starred in And So It Goes and 5 Flights Up.


In Rob Reiner's romantic dramedy And So It Goes, Diane Keaton portrayed a widowed lounge singer who finds autumnal love with a bad boy.


Also starring John Goodman, Ed Helms, and Marisa Tomei, Diane Keaton was attached for several years before the film went into production.


Diane Keaton's cast was instrumental in financing and recruiting most other actors, which led her to an executive producer credit in the film.


Also in 2015 Netflix announced the comedy Divanation, for which Diane Keaton was expected to reunite with her First Wives Club co-stars Midler and Hawn to portray a former singing group, but the project failed to materialize.


Diane Keaton voiced amnesiac fish Dory's mother in Disney and Pixar's Finding Dory, the sequel to the 2003 Pixar computer-animated film Finding Nemo.


In 2017 Diane Keaton appeared opposite Brendan Gleeson in the British dramedy film Hampstead.


In 2019, Diane Keaton starred in the comedy Poms as a woman dying of cancer who starts a cheerleading squad with other female residents of a retirement home.


Diane Keaton has had romantic associations with several entertainment industry personalities, starting with director Woody Allen during her role in the 1969 Broadway production of Play It Again, Sam.


Diane Keaton had a relationship with her Godfather Trilogy costar Al Pacino.


Diane Keaton was already dating Warren Beatty in 1979 when they co-starred in the film Reds.


Beatty was a regular subject in tabloid magazines and media coverage, and Diane Keaton became included, much to her bewilderment.


Diane Keaton has served as a producer on films and television series.


Diane Keaton produced the Fox series Pasadena, which was canceled after airing only four episodes in 2001 but completed its run on cable in 2005.


Since 2005, Diane Keaton has been a contributing blogger at The Huffington Post.


In 2007, Diane Keaton received the Film Society of Lincoln Center's Gala Tribute.


Diane Keaton is active in campaigns with the Los Angeles Conservancy to save and restore historic buildings, particularly in the Los Angeles area.


Diane Keaton is an enthusiast of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture.


Diane Keaton has resold several mansions in Southern California after renovating and redesigning them.


Diane Keaton wrote her first memoir, Then Again, for Random House in November 2011.


Annie Hall, and with her Diane Keaton, presented all of the uncertainty and ambivalence of the new breed of women.


Diane Keaton has received various awards, including an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Woody Allen's Annie Hall.


Diane Keaton received three more Academy Award nominations, for Reds, Marvin's Room, and Something's Gotta Give.


Diane Keaton received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight and a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for CBS Schoolbreak Special in 1990.


Diane Keaton has received 12 Golden Globe Award nominations, winning for Annie Hall and Something's Gotta Give.


Diane Keaton has received four Screen Actors Guild Award nominations for her work in film and television.


Diane Keaton received the 1997 Crystal Award at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards in 1997, and the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards the Icon Award in 1998 along with Sigourney Weaver, Lucy Fisher and Gillian Armstrong.


Diane Keaton won the 2004 AFI Star Award during the US Comedy Arts Festival.


Diane Keaton was honored with the Film Society of Lincoln Center Gala Tribute in 2007.