31 Facts About Al Pacino

1. Al Pacino had a relationship with Diane Keaton, his co-star in the Godfather trilogy.

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2. Al Pacino will star with Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's biographical crime film The Irishman, which is expected to be released in 2019.

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3. Al Pacino took the title role in the comedy-drama Danny Collins and this performance as an aging rock star garnered him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor—Motion Picture Musical or Comedy nomination.

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4. Al Pacino was presented with the Glory to the Film-maker award on September 4, 2011, prior to the premiere of Wilde Salome, a 2011 American documentary-drama film written, directed by and starring Pacino.

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5. The film was panned by critics, and Al Pacino "won" the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor at the 32nd ceremony.

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6. Al Pacino co-starred as himself in the 2011 comedy film Jack and Jill.

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7. Al Pacino starred as Shylock in Michael Radford's 2004 film adaptation of The Merchant of Venice, choosing to bring compassion and depth to a character traditionally played as a villainous caricature.

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8. Al Pacino turned down an offer to reprise his role as Michael Corleone in the computer game version of The Godfather.

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9. Al Pacino produced prologues and epilogues for the discs containing the films.

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10. In 2000, Al Pacino released a low-budget film adaptation of Ira Lewis' play Chinese Coffee to film festivals.

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11. Al Pacino starred alongside Sean Penn in the crime drama Carlito's Way in 1993, in which he portrayed a gangster released from prison with the help of his lawyer and vows to go straight.

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12. In 1991, Al Pacino starred in Frankie and Johnny with Michelle Pfeiffer, who co-starred with Pacino in Scarface.

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13. Al Pacino mounted workshop productions of Crystal Clear, National Anthems and other plays; he appeared in Julius Caesar in 1988 in producer Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festival.

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14. Al Pacino starred in the play, remounting it with director David Wheeler and the Theater Company of Boston in a 50-minute film version.

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15. In 1985, Al Pacino worked on his personal project, The Local Stigmatic, a 1969 Off Broadway play by the English writer Heathcote Williams.

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16. Al Pacino earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role as Cuban drug lord Tony Montana.

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17. Al Pacino lost out that year to Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs Kramer—a role that Pacino had declined.

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18. Al Pacino was lauded by critics for his wide range of acting abilities, and nominated for the Best Actor Oscar for a fourth time.

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19. In 1977, Al Pacino starred as a race-car driver in Bobby Deerfield, directed by Sydney Pollack, and received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor—Motion Picture Drama for his portrayal of the title role.

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20. In 1973, Al Pacino co-starred in Scarecrow, with Gene Hackman, and won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

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21. In 1970, Al Pacino signed with the talent agency Creative Management Associates.

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22. Al Pacino found acting enjoyable and realized he had a gift for it while studying at The Actors Studio.

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23. Al Pacino starred in the 30th-anniversary Broadway revival of David Mamet's classic play, Glengarry Glen Ross, which ran from October 2012 to January 20, 2013.

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24. In 1983, Al Pacino became a major donor for The Mirror Theater Ltd, alongside Dustin Hoffman and Paul Newman, matching a grant from Laurence Rockefeller.

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25. In 2010 Al Pacino was co-president, along with Ellen Burstyn and Harvey Keitel, of the Actors Studio.

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26. Al Pacino studied "method acting" under acting coach Lee Strasberg, who appeared with Pacino in the films The Godfather Part II and in.

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27. Al Pacino joined the Herbert Berghof Studio, where he met acting teacher Charlie Laughton (not to be confused with the British actor Charles Laughton), who became his mentor and best friend.

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28. Al Pacino acted in basement plays in New York's theatrical underground but was rejected as a teenager by the Actors Studio.

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29. Al Pacino had ambitions to become a baseball player and was nicknamed "The Actor".

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30. Al Pacino has acted as Shylock in a 2004 feature film adaptation and a 2010 stage production of The Merchant of Venice.

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31. Al Pacino is one of few performers to have won a competitive Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony Award for acting, dubbed the "Triple Crown of Acting".

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