52 Facts About Roy Cohn

1. Roy Cohn was forced to resign but he managed to join a New York law firm and over the years represented an impressive list of high-profile clients.

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2. Roy Cohn behaved as if he was sovereign, Roy Cohn was sovereign.

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3. Roy Cohn told me that the whole point of dealing with the IRS was to die owing them as much as humanly possible.

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4. Roy Cohn was an expert tax evader and a stiffer of contractors.

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5. Roy Cohn was a son of great privilege, who would became an attorney.

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6. Roy Cohn represented Donald Trump for years and once claimed Trump considered him to be his best friend.

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7. Roy Cohn represented Trump for years and once claimed he considered Trump to be his best friend.

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8. Roy Cohn had an unparalleled talent for making the worst of every bad situation.

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9. Roy Cohn is portrayed by actor David Moreland in The X-Files episode "Travelers", in which an elderly former FBI agent speaks to Agent Fox Mulder about the early years of the McCarthy era and the beginning of the X-Files.

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10. Roy Cohn died on August 2, 1986, in Bethesda, Maryland, of complications from AIDS, at the age of 59.

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11. Roy Cohn insisted to his dying day that his disease was liver cancer.

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12. Roy Cohn always seemed to have these young blond boys around.

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13. Roy Cohn maintained close ties in conservative political circles, serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

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14. Roy Cohn was known for his active social life, charitable giving, and combative personality.

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15. Roy Cohn contacted military officials from the Secretary of the Army down to Schine's company commander and demanded that Schine be given light duties, extra leave, and exemption from an overseas assignment.

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16. Roy Cohn said in his autobiography that his own influence had led to both Chief Prosecutor Saypol and Judge Irving Kaufman being appointed to the case.

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17. Roy Cohn had to wait until his 21st birthday to be admitted to the bar, and he used his family connections to obtain a position in the office of United States Attorney Irving Saypol in Manhattan the day he was admitted.

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18. Roy Cohn represented and mentored Donald Trump during Trump's early business career.

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19. Roy Cohn being gay was the only factor, but that has little bearing on Schine.

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20. Roy Cohn fended off repeated allegations of ethical lapses as a lawyer and was a constant target of the IRS, which eventually determined he owed the government some $7 million.

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21. Roy Cohn was fond of saying that winning was not sufficient.

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22. Roy Cohn represented some of the mafia figures who had sway over Trump projects.

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23. Roy Cohn lobbied against gay rights legislation in New York City.

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24. Roy Cohn was open about his loathing of the Internal Revenue Service.

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25. Roy Cohn often provided counsel for free, collecting money when he needed it.

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26. Roy Cohn began advising Trump on major real estate deals and other matters.

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27. Roy Cohn went further in an affidavit, saying the government was really trying to force "subservience to the Welfare Department", according to court records.

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28. Roy Cohn included affidavits, legal motions, news articles and other material outlining his defense.

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29. Roy Cohn left Washington in 1954 as McCarthy's efforts lost momentum.

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30. In the spring of 1949, Roy Cohn was asked to write a memo about a man named Alger Hiss, a State Department official suspected of spying for the Soviet Union.

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31. Roy Cohn attended elite prep schools and graduated from Columbia Law School at age 20.

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32. Roy Cohn was born in New York City in 1927, into an affluent Jewish family.

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33. In the 1990s, a tragic character based on Roy Cohn had a central place in Tony Kushner's Pulitzer prize-winning play, "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes.

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34. Roy Cohn showed Trump how to exploit power and instill fear through a simple formula: attack, counterattack and never apologize.

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35. Roy Cohn was a legendary New York fixer, a ruthless lawyer in the hunt for new clients.

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36. Roy Cohn was once the most feared lawyer in New York City.

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37. Roy Cohn called a press conference to announce that the Trumps would be suing the federal government for defamation.

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38. Roy Cohn was hired by the Trumps to fight the case, and he did so with his usual fireworks.

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39. Roy Cohn alleged Lattimore had lied to investigators about having communist sympathies.

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40. Roy Cohn met a number of politically powerful people growing up, and he became obsessed with how deals were struck in New York City courthouses and law firm offices.

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41. Roy Cohn was a highly controversial attorney who became nationally famous while in his twenties, when he became a prominent aide of Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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42. Roy Cohn was portrayed by actor David Moreland in The X-Files episode "Travelers", in which an elderly former FBI agent speaks to Agent Fox Mulder about the early years of the McCarthy era and the beginning of the X-Files.

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43. In 1984, Roy Cohn was diagnosed with AIDS and attempted to keep his condition secret while receiving experimental drug treatment.

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44. In this case in 1975, Roy Cohn entered the hospital room of the dying, comatose Lewis Rosenstiel, the multi-millionaire founder of Schenley Industries, forced a pen to his hand and lifted it to the will in an attempt to make himself and Cathy Frank—Rosenstiel's granddaughter—beneficiaries.

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45. Roy Cohn is credited with introducing Trump and Murdoch in the mid-1970s, marking the beginning of what was to be a deep and pivotal association between the two.

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46. Roy Cohn counted Rupert Murdoch among his clients, pressuring President Ronald Reagan repeatedly in furtherance of Murdoch's interests.

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47. In 1963, Roy Cohn was forced to resign from the company after losing a proxy fight.

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48. Roy Cohn was the grandnephew of Joshua Lionel Cowen, founder of the Lionel model train company.

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49. At one point, Roy Cohn is reported to have threatened to "wreck the Army" if his demands were not met.

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50. Roy Cohn was given free rein in pursuit of many investigations, with McCarthy joining in only for the more publicized sessions.

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51. Roy Cohn assisted McCarthy's work for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, becoming known for his aggressive questioning of suspected Communists.

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52. Roy Cohn played a prominent role in the 1951 espionage trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

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