10 Facts About Oak


Oak planking was common on high status Viking longships in the 9th and 10th centuries.

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Oak bark is rich in tannin, and is used by tanners for tanning leather.

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Oak galls were used for centuries as a main ingredient in iron gall ink for manuscripts, harvested at a specific time of year.

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Oak is a common symbol of strength and endurance and has been chosen as the national tree of many countries.

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Oak is the emblem of County Londonderry in Northern Ireland, as a vast amount of the county was covered in forests of the tree until relatively recently.

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Oak is a national symbol from the Basque Country, especially in the province of Biscay.

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Oak leaves are traditionally an important part of German Army regalia.

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Oak leaves are embroidered onto the covers worn by field grade officers and flag officers in the United States armed services.

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Oak tree is used as a symbol by a number of political parties.

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Thor's Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic Chatti tribe.

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